Why your social media traffic isn't making you money

Although social media is a massive opportunity, it’s fair to say that few companies spend their social media marketing budgets well. They might get the traffic that they want, but it doesn’t convert at the rate that they’d like, and that’s a problem.

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There’s no doubt that social media has become one of the most significant tools for businesses to market their products. Twitter alone has more than 300 million unique users, and Facebook between two and three times that, depending on who you ask. But social media is much larger than just these two giants, thanks to Pinterest, Periscope, YouTube and LinkedIn, all offering unique services tailored to various markets.


So what can you do?




Your Website Is Poor

You might be getting a lot of traffic through social media - a good thing - but your website might not be up to scratch, and could explain why you’re not making more money. It’s not uncommon for companies to have excellent social media marketing campaigns, especially if they outsource the task to a third party, but poor websites. Consumers start at the top of the conversion funnel but drop out part way down because the company’s website is so poor.



If you think that this might be you, then an SEO audit can help. These audits find weaknesses in your website and provide suggestions for how to improve. Most issues come down to poor page loading times, broken links, bad navigation, and too few calls-to-action.




You Don’t Understand The Consumer Journey

Some businesses sell things which consumers buy on impulse. But for the majority of firms, that isn’t the case. Customers will often hesitate, unwilling to take the plunge, while they collect more information.



Rather than seeing this as a problem, savvy companies embrace the long game. They understand that each customer relationship on social media is worth pursuing because, eventually, many of them will choose to do business. Remember, exposure is critical: the more you get eyes in front of your brand, the more familiar and trusted you become, and the higher the chance that you’ll eventually make a sale.




You’re Targeting The Wrong Audience

It may be surprising to hear this, but not all businesses should have a social media marketing strategy. Why? Because their target market doesn’t use social media. Although that might sound strange, some companies, especially those that target older social groups, probably have no reason to be there.



Other businesses run into problems when they build the wrong audience. You may, for instance, think that your social media marketing strategy is going well because your followers go up every day. But if those followers don’t ultimately want to buy your product, it’s a waste of time. Always make sure that your content is directly related to the people who will eventually give you money. If you don’t, then you risk disappointment.



Social media marketing is an excellent tool for many businesses, but there are no guarantees that it will help you make money. Always do your research and ensure that you’re getting a suitable return on investment.

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