Why Your Offline Business Needs A Great Online Presence

While some sectors, such as eCommerce, have tipped the balance, so that the majority of new clothes purchases are now done online, there are still sectors out there where the pace of change has been slower.

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Yet it's at the point now where a complete lack of online presence is likely to be costing you business, as customers automatically turn to the online world to aid their decision making. There is also the fact that even if you aren't involved in the conversation, there's no doubt it is happening - from negative reviews on https://www.yelp.de to social chatter about your brand. You may think that if you're in a very bricks and mortar industry that there is little point in developing your online presence,  but that's very much untrue. Whether you're selling artisanal macarons at farmers markets who wants loyal customers to know where to find you, or a property development company who wants to shout about being involved in the Construction Industry Scheme, your online world can connect you to customers much more effectively.




Being More Available

We live in a fast-paced, connected world where almost 24 hour service is rapidly becoming the norm in a lot of industries and that means customer expectations of it are rising. One key benefit of a modern website is that you can use automation to give some around the clock availability- using a chatbot function. Most customer queries tend to be fairly straightforward and routine, and a clever algorithm can deal with them. For anything more complex, it can direct the queries to you to deal with as soon as you can. At least the customer feels the first step has been taken, and you haven't lost the opportunity to capitalise on their initial interest. Clients and customers can also read up about your products and services and request more information any time they choose, as well as connecting to peer reviews, which are a passive but powerful sales tool. It effectively extends your opening hours and ensures there is some form of cover during holidays and weekends - and what small business owner couldn't do with that? Generating leads and enquiries can carry on even out of hours - you simply have to follow up at the next available opportunity.




Low Cost Of Implementation

You may have been putting off developing a Web solution for your bricks and mortar business because you feel it will be expensive to get what you need - but that certainly isn't the case. Setting up shop online is extremely low cost and always worth the investment. Even if you don't want to go to the expense of employing a Web designer to begin with, there are lots of website hosting template sites, like Wix, featuring thousands of beautifully designed sites that you can simply customise for your own business using drag and drop techniques that you don't need a degree in computer science to master. They look great and will give your business a professional image. Websites also don't have to be overly complicated. If you're in the construction industry, a simple bio about yourself and your company, contact details, a gallery of past projects and a few quotes from happy previous clients and you have enough to interest customers who perhaps wouldn't have picked up the phone otherwise.



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