Why did I start a blog?!

Many people asked me why I want to start a blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate my first blogpost to this topic and explain the different reasons for my decision.

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After I started posting photos on Instagram, I soon realised that I love to connect with people from all over the world and I want to share my story with everyone who is interested in it. Since Instagram is limiting you to focusing on photos, a blog is a great way of telling my story in greater detail. So, I want to take you with me on my journey of growing my online presence and becoming a successful blogger. I will share all strategies that work out for me, my experiences and advices on working together with brands as well as tips & tricks that boost your blog and social medias.

Furthermore, I want to use this website to share even more aspects of my life with you by blogging about my opinion on trends, lifestyle, fashion, news & other things that are important to me. Thereby, I want to address topics that are relevant and interesting for me and also talk about your questions and suggestions.

Another aspect that is important to me is that I want to appear as professional as possible. Therefore, a website with a domain that matches my Instagram username on the one hand and a corresponding email address on the other hand, were also appealing to me. Especially when working with brands, this will hopefully be valuable.




In addition, I want to use the website also for informing you about all the brands I work with to ensure that you can get cool things that I personally use and that I can recommend to you. So, you will have the chance to inform yourself about all the discounts I manage to arrange with brands and get yourself amazing items at a better price!



Thanks a lot for reading my first blogpost! If you have any questions, suggestions or tips, you can always contact me via Instagram or via email (hello@trendablaze.com). Your feedback is highly appreciated!


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