Which social media to use for blogs and online businesses

Do you want to know which social media are most beneficial for your blog and online business and how you can grow your online presence quickly and easily? This article presents the 5 most useful social media platforms to boost your website!

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These days you can find an abundance of social media platforms and it might be extremely difficult to figure out which ones can be most beneficial for your online business and how you can use them most effectively. I will talk about how Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat will support your blog or website.

facebook & social media for blogs and online businesses


Facebook is a great basis for all your social media activities. In contrast to many other social media platforms, Facebook gives you a lot of freedom. You can share different forms of content (videos, photos, links) and you can even create events or offers. It is also possible to create (paid) advertisements that are focused on your target audience only. Another great way to connect with potential visitors is to be active in Facebook groups that correspond to your niche. For me, Facebook is the biggest traffic source and the best way to make more people aware of my blog.




Pinterest is super important for bloggers and online businesses. Although it can be regarded as a social media platform, it is more like a search engine for photos. With great pins and some effort, you can use this search engine to increase your reach tremendously. It is extremely important to fill your website with pinnable images (like this) so that your audience can also share your content.


A great way to gain exposure with Pinterest is by making use of group boards to collaborate with other bloggers from your niche. That is why I created a new group board on blogging tips and strategies lately. If you are interested in joining this group board to gain massive exposure, check out the description and follow the instructions here.



Instagram is rapidly growing at the moment and in my opinion, it is the most hyped social media platform these days. By uploading visually appealing content you can target a super big audience. On Instagram, it is important to create a form of “advertainment”. By entertaining your followers with enjoyable images, you can use captions and your bio to advertise your blog and online business. Make sure to use hashtags that fit your niche to drive traffic to your profile and to your blog. It is also advisable to use the story function to connect closer with your followers and to reach people from a desired area (by adding a location to your story). All in all, I can only recommend stepping up your Instagram game as it will probably be the most important social media platform for the next few years.

The most important social media for your blog


Once you have established a community, Twitter is the perfect social media platform to connect with your audience. It is very clear and simple to use and you can communicate easily with your followers. Although, it is difficult to use Twitter to drive new traffic to your website you can still use it directly from the start of your business to give your audience updates about your latest uploads and activities. Keep in mind that Twitter is a fast-moving social media platform, so you should tweet about your articles several times (of course with an appropriate temporal distance). Of course, you can also use Facebook for the purpose of sharing updates about your content, but I think it is important to make use of a diverse range of social media platforms to reach even more people.



If you are interested in connecting with a relatively young audience, Snapchat is your go-to social media platform. Even though it is quite limiting (you can mainly use the story function to reach your audience), Snapchat can support your online business by making the connection with your followers more personal. Meanwhile, Instagram adopted most of the functions Snapchat offers so that you could also consider sharing stories on Instagram only and neglect Snapchat completely (that is my approach at the moment).



To make people aware of your social media platforms, you should add social media buttons to your website or blog (I added mine at the very bottom). It is also helpful to cross promote the platforms you use. You can, for example, share a tweet that informs your followers about your latest Instagram photo or tell your audience about your beautiful photos on Pinterest in you Snapchat story.

I hope you can use these tips to support your blog and online business by making use of the previously mentioned social media platforms! Tell me which platforms are most important for your blog so far and do not forget to share this article to help other bloggers!


Which social media to use for blogs and online businesses
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