What to do before publishing a blog post + Checklist

This article is a guideline to all the important steps before publishing a blog post. In the end, you can find a checklist including the most important things to do before publishing your next blog post. A pre-publishing guide.

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Check grammar & spelling

Before publishing a blog post you should always proofread it to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Even when you have already published dozens of articles, you should still check your posts at least once (ideally several times). This is very important as flawless texts make your blog appear more professional and are more pleasant to read. 


It is very helpful to use grammar and spelling checking tools like Grammarly. You can read more about helpful tools here.

Edit layout & formatting

Before you publish an article you should make sure that the layout and format of the blog post are correct. Use paragraphs and a clear font to enhance the visitor’s experience. It is also important to be consistent in your formatting. Your audience will remember your website more and recognise you more easily when your overall style matches the individual blog posts (don’t use many different fonts, use matching colors, etc.).  

What to do before publishing a blog post

Add photos (with alt text and caption)

Before publishing your blog post, search for or take supporting photos. These will make your content more visual and make it easier for your audience to follow. It is important to use photos that make sense in the context of your post (e.g. showing outfits when you talk about fashion). 


After choosing the photos you should also add alt texts (and captions) to allow search engines and algorithms to process your photos. 

Come up with a catching title

Many bloggers use work-in-progress titles before finishing a blog post. Before you hit publish, you should come up with a title that catches people’s attention (without click baiting of course). This can increase your traffic significantly, so spend some time thinking about the perfect title for your blog post before publishing it. 

Links to other articles & pages 

When writing the blog post in a word document you might come up with several links to other articles and pages either on your own blog or on other websites. Make sure to actually implement them before publishing the post. Links to valuable websites are very important for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the most difficult but also one of the most beneficial steps to increase your blog traffic. Before uploading your blog post, make sure it is optimised for search engines. This includes the previously mentioned alt texts and captions for photos, the use of keywords and links to high-value websites. Find out more about SEO here.

What to do before publishing a blog post

Enable social media sharing

Before publishing your blog post, make sure you enabled all buttons and other functions for others to share your articles on social media like Facebook, Pinterest & StumbleUpon. This is a very easy step but it can increase your traffic without you putting any effort in.


Give credits

When you use photos or other resources, remember to give sufficient credits. It is very important that you do this before publishing the article because as soon as your post is online, there could be legal consequences of forgetting to give sufficient credit. Find out more about how to give sufficient credit here.

Call to action

To interact with your audience it will be beneficial to end your article with a call to action. Asking questions or requesting feedback help you to get a closer relationship with your audience. 

Get ready to promote

As soon as you publish your blog post you want to promote it to get people’s attention. Before hitting publish, make sure that you know the link to your blog post and create photos or videos that you can post on social media to promote it. As this can take a lot of time it is important to do that before you actually publish your post. I create photos photos that I post with Canva (not sponsored).

By now you are familiar with the most important steps before publishing a blog post. If you have any questions or points you want me to add to the list, contact me here. Below you can find a checklist displaying everything you need to do before publishing a blog post.


What to do before publishing a blog post - a checklist

What to do before publishing a blog post - a checklist
What to do before publishing a blog post + checklist
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