What to do after publishing a blog post + Checklist

This article is a guideline to all the important steps after publishing a blog post. In the end, you can find a checklist including the most important things to do after publishing your next blog post. A post-publishing guide.

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What to do after publishing a blog post + Checklist

Check & refine

After you published a blog post it is very helpful to use a different browser to check how it looks from a visitor’s perspective. It is also a good idea to check if the links you included are working and if the photos are displayed correctly. Most of the time I still recognize minor mistakes after publishing a blog post, so I try to correct them as soon as possible.


Share share share 

The next step after publishing your blog post is to share it on all social media platforms that are available to you. You can read more about social media that I recommend using here. To make most of sharing your articles on social media, try to find out when the majority of your community is only and ready to visit your blog. You can also ask friends and loyal visitors to share your blog posts. In addition, many bloggers make use of an email list to inform their community about every new upload. Of course, you can share links to your blog posts also several days, weeks or months after publishing them, to make sure people that are new to your audience will also find and read them. 


However, be careful not to spam your audience on social media, as this will be rather counter-productive and people might unfollow you after a while.

Interact with your community

After publishing a blog post, check both the comment section on your blog and comments on social media. This is a great way to get feedback on your work and to interact with your audience. Replying to visitors’ comments will make it more likely that they return to your blog and eventually turn them into loyal subscribers. People might even point out mistakes you made in your blog post. Even though this might seem annoying at first, it can help you to further improve your articles after publishing them. 

Monitor your results 

Once you have published a blog post, you should carefully monitor the “results” you achieved. With results, I mean traffic, number of comments & shares and ad clicks. By comparing results for different blog posts, you can find out what your audience likes most, especially with regard to topics for your blog posts. By comparing the number of ad clicks, you can find out how to place ads strategically.

What to do after publishing a blog post + Checklist


When your not happy with the amount of traffic a recently published blog post generates or when you simply want to boost your traffic, you can always promote it via social media like Facebook or Pinterest. This is probably more suitable for advanced bloggers, who have an advertising budget. You can find out more about how to advertise on Facebook here.


Refresh & revise

A few weeks and months after you published your blog post, you should come back and revise or refresh it. Some information you gave might have become obsolete or you might have made new experiences that are valuable to add to your article. This is also helpful to get older posts back in the top ranks on google. 

By now you are familiar with the most important steps after publishing a blog post. If you have any questions or points you want me to add to the list, contact me here. Below you can find a checklist listing everything you need to do after publishing a blog post.


What to do after publishing a blog post - a checklist

What to do before publishing a blog post - a checklist
What to do after publishing a blog post + Checklist
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