What Many Businesses Get Wrong With Marketing

Marketing is a vast industry, and there’s so much to unpack when you look at all of the working parts that create an effective marketing plan for a business or organization. Because there are so many moving parts to a successful campaign, things can go wrong. Many businesses make marketing mistakes. It’s not impossible to come back from these mistakes, but knowing what they are and being able to avoid them in the first place will help.

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Read on for an idea of what many businesses get wrong with marketing


They Try To Do It Themselves

Trying to do your marketing yourself might seem like an attractive option at first. How hard can it be? Build a website, as there are many free platforms and themes out there. Then, set up some Google ads and social media pages. Hey presto!


Well, unfortunately that’s not the case. While there are many tutorials and things out there that can teach you a bit about marketing, there are too many elements to it for you to do yourself. You won’t be focusing on what’s important - your business! Leaving this to the professionals is a must.



They Don’t Outsource It To The Right People

So you know you need to hire some professionals to help you. You need to do your due diligence to ensure you’re outsourcing it to the right people. People who have experience in your industry, ideally. Lawyer marketing is going to be very different to retail store marketing, for instance. Finding a team that knows what to do in your unique situation is essential.



They Hire in House Staff

Hiring in house staff might be a fine idea eventually, but doing this too early is a bad idea. It’s best to stick to outsourcing for a while, as it’s unlikely a single person can be a ‘do it all expert’. Once you’ve hired them, you have a responsibility to them. It’s likely in your best interests to outsource instead.



They Target The Wrong Audience

Do you know exactly who your audience are? Do you know their age, marital status, financial situation, and more? If not, you don’t know your audience at all. You can’t attempt to target everybody, as this will water down your efforts and your results. You must know exactly who you are targeting to experience success.



Improper Use Of Content Marketing

Content marketing, like blogging and vlogging, is an extremely powerful way of spreading your message and bringing value to others, which will make them want to work with them. Ensuring you’re consistent and putting out high quality content is essential.



Not Tracking Your Website Metrics

Tracking your metrics is one of the only real ways you can gauge whether you are successfully doing what you set out to do. You should ask yourself similar questions to the below:

  • what percent of visitors get converted into a lead?
  • what percent of these leads are qualified potential customers for my business?
  • what percent of qualified leads become customers?
  • where did these leads/customers come from?


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