What does trendablaze mean?

This blogpost is all about my username ‘trendablaze’ and my social media presence. I will talk about how I came up with the name, the meaning of trendablaze and about what I want to accomplish with my social medias. Hopefully my thoughts can even help you to come up with a username and a red thread for your social medias more easily in the future.

This photo shows pen and paper when thinking about the username.

I’m sure you know the struggle of coming up with a username that you are really happy with. You want it to be cool, unique, short and preferably personalized, interesting, and meaningful. But this is even more complicated than it looks at first glance, since most social medias, video games and other instances for which you need a username already have millions of users who already picked the most obvious names. This can sometimes be extremely frustrating.


So, when I had to come up with a username for my Instagram a few months ago, I went through the typical emotional rollercoaster that we are all so familiar with. I tried out many different names which were either already in use or did not 100% satisfy my needs.

After my initial frustration that all possible combinations of my first and last name were unavailable, I took a step backwards and thought about what I want to accomplish with my social media presence and how my username can support this in the best possible way. For me, the overall goal of this 'project' was always (and still is!) to inspire people. I do not only want to inspire you with regard to fashion, music or other things I enjoy, but I also want to tell the ‘story’ that you can start something you like (for me this was blogging) and be successful with it, regardless of what other people say. I will talk more about this in a future blogpost.

This photo shows the trendablaze logo (a flame).

When I was aware of what I want to achieve, I began to think about how to translate this into a username. The first thing that came to my mind was that most people get inspired by the latest trends and I thought that this had to be part of my username. With this I do not mean that I simply want to follow the latest trends and share them with you. I rather want to confront you with my views, my latest activities or whatever seems (somehow) important to me, so that you can critically think about it and come up with thoughts like “Oh yeah, I completely agree with Christoph’s view on this topic” or even “Why the hell is he wearing this over size shirt? I will never wear something stupid like this and look better by putting on…” (Exaggerated examples, but I am sure you get the point).


So, I do not want to influence you to simply copy my behaviour, but I want to inspire you to look at what I am doing, think about it critically and then draw a conclusion about whether you like it or not and how you can do it better than I did. For me, this is the real way of inspiration.


The second part of ‘trendablaze’ came to my mind when visiting the YouTube trends and seeing that little flame icon next to the heading. I thought that a ‘trend’ must be ‘hot’ to inspire people, so I went through different adjectives and verbs that have to do with fire and came up with ‘ablaze’ in the end, which means ‘in flames’, of course.

This photo shows notes for the username trendablaze.

Putting all of this together my username trendablaze was done and I am still extremely happy with it, since it is very unique, it communicates my goal (somehow at least) and it is very easy to pronounce as well. Another great aspect is that when searching for ‘trendablaze’ on Google, the first page is solely packed with entries about my social medias and my website.


So, when you are struggling with finding a cool and unique username, my advice for you is: Take a step backwards, think about what you want to communicate and what you want to accomplish and then try to translate this into words. It is also very helpful to write down different ‘drafts’ first and then decide which one you like most in the end.


Thank you for reading this blogpost! I hope it was interesting and maybe even helpful for you! In case you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


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