Transform your blog from hobby to business in 5 easy steps

Millions of people launch blogs every single month. And the vast majority have ambitions of turning their projects into profitable ventures. Unfortunately, only a small percentage are able to do it. In most cases, the failures are due to a lack of strategy.

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Building a profitable blog takes time, not least if you’re still finding your style. Nonetheless, here are five simple steps that will help transform your blog into a genuine business.

Focus On Reaching More People


Without traffic, you cannot consider calling your blog a business. Furthermore, regular visits from your friends and family won’t suffice either. Therefore, it’s imperative that you learn to embrace outside platforms to give your traffic numbers the boost they deserve. Whether it’s gaining a stronger ranking on Google or building a more prominent social media following doesn’t matter. Anything that translates to an increased number of web visitors and an improved reputation can work wonders.

Increase Your Post Frequency


When blogging for purely recreational reasons, the frequency of your posts isn’t that important. As long as you enjoy producing content and continue to give your readers something they love, that’s all that matters. If the venture is to become a commercial one, however, posting on a regular basis is vital. Readers will soon grow tired of returning to the site to see there haven’t been any updates. Sadly, it becomes very difficult to win them back once they’ve stopped visiting. Keep it fresh with new media types too.

Show Professionalism


Getting people to love the work is one thing, but getting them to respect the brand is another altogether. Maintaining a sense of professionalism is the only way to do this, and it must be visible in all interactions. Communication is everything, which is why the small details like email signatures are crucial. Visit to take control of this issue. A professional persona needn’t stop you from showing your fun personality or writing style. Nonetheless, if you treat the business like a business, it will shine through.

Learn How To Earn


Even a blog that performs with the same professionalism as major news brands isn’t a business until the money rolls in. As such, knowing how to translate traffic into profit is essential. Google AdSense can be used to great effect while joining affiliate schemes and having sponsored posts can aid the cause. Depending on the nature of the blog, merchandising ventures such as selling t-shirts and mugs are also possible. Alternatively, you could sell your writing services to other brands and businesses.

Take On Some Employees


Given that the blog is your baby, the thought of relinquishing the power can be a little daunting. Nonetheless, getting other writers involved makes the venture feel more professional. You should see an increase in workflow while their alternative views on key subjects can bring a whole new dimension to the project. Visit to link up with creatives while enjoying the benefits of remote working. Aside from writers, you could use graphic designers and other experts to complete the jobs where your skills are lacking. Perfect.

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