Top business marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Marketing is expensive to say the least. After all, you have to pay for things like your social media advertising, your billboard advertising and in some instances even SEO as well. This can all add up and at times you may find that you are paying way more than you can afford just to try and get your company noticed. For this reason, you have to make sure that you are doing everything you can to try and avoid mistakes because they can cost you dearly and they can also have a major impact on your overall marketing success.

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business marketing mistakes

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Not Thinking About Mobile Users


Every single person out there has a mobile phone in their pocket. It’s just how technology has progressed over the years, and now a phone is used for so much more than making calls. When you operate your own business, you have to make sure that you are not overlooking your mobile customers and you also have to make sure that you are updating your site as much as possible as well. Most people think that having a site is enough, and that used to be the case but now, it is nowhere near and a single bad mobile experience can turn a ton of customers away from your business. If possible, you need to consider making a mobile version of your site. It also helps to make sure that your site is responsive as well. If you don’t then you could be missing out and it could seriously impact your business for the future. If you want to make the most out of your site then you have to take into account the type of site that you have and the customers that you are trying to target. The main reason for this is because you need to work out if you would be better off having a mobile application or a site catered to mobile users. Of course, mobile sites and applications can be expensive to set up, so consider looking into a Barclays Card to see if you can acquire additional funding as a sole trader.




Never Offering Promotions


It is so important that you are able to reward your customers. You need to offer a huge range of discounts and promotions so that you can encourage people and get them to your doors. If you are able to offer discounts then this will increase the amount of traffic that you get to your website page or even to your store, not to mention that it will also increase the amount of customers who know about you. You need to remember that if you do host a discount, this doesn’t mean that your customers won’t come back and order the items they need at a full price. They may buy a few things on a sale but most of the time, they will be open to paying the full bill because they have been given the chance to try your product or service at a discounted price first. Coupons are fantastic ways for you to build a stronger relationship with the clients that you have and 91% of people have even said that they would visit a retailer again if it meant that they could redeem a coupon. Discounts help you to create a good level of customer loyalty and they also help you to steal customers from your competition as well.




Not having a Blog


Your business needs to have a blog. The main reason for this is because a blog will help you to increase your business traffic by a significant amount and it can also help you to establish a relationship with your customers as well. You can be as creative or as simplistic with your blogs as you like, but it is so important that you give your customers chance to comment. You also need to respond to comments as well as this will help you to get the feedback you need to both change and tweak your service for the better. If you want to step things up to that next level then consider integrating your blog with your social media pages and even give people the chance to share on them as well.




Avoiding Social Media


You need to ask yourself, why are you not using social media? Whatever answer you can give, is not the right one. Everyone should be using social media and if you aren’t then you are seriously missing out. The main reason for this is because social media is a fantastic way for you to interact with your customers and it is also relatively inexpensive. It doesn’t cost anything at all for you to start up your own Instagram account, Twitter profile or Facebook page. Sure, it costs you to market them but if you post high-quality content then you may not even need to do this. You could build an established audience organically and you may even get to the point where you can pay someone to run the pages for you. One mistake that people make is that they buy social media followers. It’s so important that you don’t become discouraged at the amount of followers that you have because this will change. Buying fake accounts or even followers won’t accomplish anything because you won’t be getting any engagement at all. If you are caught then this could cause you major problems as well and this is the last thing that you need. You also have to remember that 10 real followers are much better when compared to 10,000 fake followers.




Not Using Video


Most people use Facebook and Twitter and these are some of the biggest social media sites around. YouTube on the other hand is just as big, so don’t forget about video. You can use videos on Facebook and the best thing is that people don’t like to watch long videos. Usually, you will have a much higher engagement level if you have videos that are less than a minute long and this makes them very affordable to create. After all, you could create many videos in a very short space of time and all of them should be able to give you a good amount of engagement.



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