Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Office Printer Cartridges

Practically every business needs a printer. They need to print off invoices, letters, orders and other important documents. However, whilst a printer is extremely useful, it can also be the source of substantial costs too. The printer itself may not be expensive, yet the prices of printer cartridges and their need for frequent replacement can easily end up costing you a surprising sum. However, there are ways you can decrease the amount of money spent on ink cartridges and alike whilst also being more efficient and effective with your use too. Read on to find out more...

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Get your ink cartridges refilled

Once your ink cartridge runs out you don’t need to chuck it into the bin. You can get several refills before you do this. This is a lot cheaper because all you will be paying for is the ink, not the actual shell. However, you can’t constantly refill your ink cartridges, whether you have 123inkjet Canon Cartridges or any other type. You will get approximately four refills from your cartridge. Nonetheless, this will save you a substantial amount of money because you will only have to pay the full amount one in every five times.




Be careful with your printer selection

If you buy a good printer from the beginning then you can certainly reap the benefits of better cost efficiency and office productivity. You need to make sure you don’t go for a printer that eats all of the ink. You need something that you are going to get good use out. There are some printers whereby you merely print a few pages and you are already due an update – you definitely don’t want this! Furthermore, make sure you opt for a printer whereby the cartridges are cheap. A good way to ensure this is the case is by going for a printer that has a lot of compactable ink cartridges available online. These are a lot cheaper and they do exactly the same job. The only difference is the fact that they are not actually manufactured by the company who designed and made your printer.  




Alter your printer’s settings

There are certain settings on your printer that will not use as much ink as others do. You can use this whenever you are printing a document that is not of much importance. The first tip is to print in black and white whenever you do not need colour. The benefit of this is because colour printer cartridges tend to be more expensive in cost. Furthermore, another way to save money and be more efficient is to print in ‘draft’ mode.




Shop online and compare retailers

And finally, don’t buy your printer cartridges from the first retailer you find. Take a look online and compare companies against one and other. There are a huge number of online retailers who sell ink cartridges and thus the more you can compare the better. You can even use a price comparison website to make this easier. Although sometimes they only include the major retailers – and these have a tendency to be the most expensive. Whatever route you go down, simply make sure you take the time to compare prices.




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