Three ways to ask for business help - And get it.

In business, making connections is all about putting yourself out there and being seen by your peers, competitors and your mentors. Networking is about being influential without being annoying. Being ambitious without being interfering. It’s about knowing when you should be asking for help to be better and when you should step back and try to learn something.

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Business may be all about putting yourself forward and heading to the right people for help, but if you are constantly badgering the people at the top, you’re going to be seen as a pest.

This, however, shouldn’t put you off asking for help. If you needed expert help with your internet servers, you’d get the best outsourced IT support to help you. If you needed to purchase business premises, you’d get the help of a real estate agent that specialises in commercial property. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. As an ambitious person, you want to get the best information from the best people when you need it the most, but execution is everything and you need to know how to do it right so that you can get the YES that you want to hear and not be shot down. Below, you’ll find three ways to ask for help from the right people and get it when you need it.

Be Personal.

Bringing a request to a mentor, a partner or someone more influential than yourself is a big thing to do, especially if you’re not used to asking for help. Look at the way that you’re asking for a favour or for guidance and make it personal. Get to know what the company you are asking does and how they do it, because going in without a clue is the best way that you can be ignored. Invest your time in the company that you are asking, and you’ll be taken seriously.

Be Direct.

Hiding your words behind what you truly want is going to stop people from believing that you know what you want. You need some help and you need to go out there and ask for it. If it’s a partnership that you want, then ask directly for it. If you want to refer business to a particular company, then you need to specify that as well.

Be Considerate.

There is no company in the world that is going to take your request for a meeting on a whim and arrange a time for the next day. A successful business will have their calendar filled for months on end, so instead of demanding a particular date and time for a meeting, offer them the meeting at their consideration. You make a far better impression when you do this, because you’re giving the people that you need help from the choice of when to meet you.




Asking for help is a smart thing to do if you want to be successful. As long as your execution is on point, you will be respected in the business community.

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