This is why your digital marketing strategy is failing

No one wants a strategy that they have invested time and money in to fail, yet there still seems to be some approaches that work better than others when it comes to digital marketing. Luckily, if we identify where the weak point in our strategy, we can strengthen them and plug the holes, something that can make our approach much stronger and more effective. Read about how to do this in the detailed post below.

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Your website design and construction is poor.  


While there's a lot of noise around many different aspects of digital marketing, it is your website that remains the central core of any effective strategy. Therefore It is essential that your site is designed and executed in the best way possible.


Of course, just like a shop in the real world, your website needs to be designed to provide a positive, accessible, and engaging experience for your users, and something that can help you achieve this is to the UCD process to create it. This process is one that focuses on user centred design.  That is gearing things toward how the user wants to experience your site, as well as their needs and preferences.


You need to research your users to establish what they want from your website.

Now to use UCD effectively, it is necessary first to research your target demographic and find out they need and preferences, so the way you put your site together matches these.


Then you will be able to ensure that your visitors have the most positive experience when using your site in term of interactivity, design, interface, and any visuals you include. Something that will help to prevent user attrition and if constructed correctly should help to direct them to the right level of interaction and eventually to purchase, either in that visit; or during subsequent ones.

Your SEO is weak.


Another reason that your digital marketing strategy may be failing is that your search engine optimisation (SEO) is not strong enough. After all, the point of SEO is to ensure that your brand and company are as visible as possible when potential customers search for you. Luckily, this is something that you can boost relatively quickly with a combination of the two form of SEO.


The first form is onsite SEO, and this relates to the way that you optimise your website regarding keywords, link, tags, and terms. It is this onsite SEO that is picked up by the search engine bots and registered as relevant, something that then pushes your site up the rankings and makes it easier for potential customers to find. Remember here that being on the first page of the search engine results can dramatically improve the success of your business.


The second form of SEO that needs to be strong for a successful digital marketing strategy is off-site. This type of SEO is all about the backlinks and references made about your site and products in other places on the web.


It could be on others' blogs or vlogs, in reviews on objective online sites, or mentions on social media. These backlinks are also picked up as a signifier of relevance when a search engine searches, and so the more good quality ones you have, the higher you will see yourself in the listings.


Of course, quality is the operative word here, as many businesses have found out to their detriment. What this means is that pages filled with poorly contextualised links will be filtered out by search engines, an issue you can read more about here.

You aren't making use of personalisation.


Lastly, since GDPR came into effect a whole other level of personalisation in digital marketing has become available, and your strategy can succeed or fail on how well you utilise this.


Personalisation data can be used to great effect in your digital marketing strategy.


In short, the way that websites track data has changed so this means it's much easier to identify potential customers that fit your required demographic. Something that means it much easier to both personalise the marketing content you provide for them for a better experience and tip the scales regarding marketing directly to those that are most likely to purchase in the first place.


With that in mind, it is essential that you don't wait too long until you start to make use of this additional personalisation data in your digital marketing strategy.


To that end, be sure that you have alternative landing pages for different types of customers, as well as special offers that you know will be the most successful. After all, your competitors will be doing this, and if you don't keep up, your digital marketing strategy could fail in a most spectacular way.

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