This is how your website can land you a new job

You might think that websites are only for business professionals or bloggers, but, in actual fact, they can come in very useful for job seekers too. And that is even the case even if you are looking for a career that isn’t in the IT sector, as your website gives you a public place to show off all of your knowledge and past experience in a particular field.

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your website can give you a job

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So, whether you want to become a nurse, electrician, or a writer, it is important to consider setting up your own little site. Here are some reasons why it could help you land a new job.

Tell Your Own Story


No matter how you start your job hunt, whether you go through a specialist recruitment firm, such as Portfolio Credit Control, or simply trawl the web looking for adverts yourself, you will need to tell your story to potential employers. Creating your website gives you the chance to do that in your very own unique way. You might want to write a descriptive bio, for instance. Alternatively, why not show off your video skills and upload a video to your site that features you talking about all your past work experience.

Upload Your Resume


It is also important to upload your resume to your website. This will save you needing to email it out to all of the companies who you apply to. You can simply link to your website in your cover message in your email, and then recruiters can click over to the resume. Plus, it means that you are directing them to the website, and they will see everything that is on there too.

Show Off Your Creativity


Creating a website gives you the chance to show off your creativity. You’ll be able to design it however you like and add a variety of media to keep it fresh and interesting. Integrating your social media profiles into it too will also help to keep visitors on the site for longer. As you can probably tell, all of this design will help you when applying for jobs that require some creativity. Plus, it can be a big help when you are looking for a job that requires coding or some other skills in web design.

Add A Portfolio


Don’t forget to add a portfolio to your website. This should be made up of any previous work or projects that you have carried out that links to the types of jobs you are now applying for. This will be convenient for you and recruiters as they won’t have to request samples of work for you - it will all be up on your website!

Find Some Testimonials


As well as a portfolio, you should consider adding some testimonials or references from previous employers. Just a short paragraph from one or two individuals should be enough. If you already have some on your LinkedIn profile, you might want to use them.


Hopefully, your new website will help you on all your future job searches!

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