The stepping stones of making money

If you’ve got money on your mind, then we guarantee there’s probably two things that you could be thinking. The first is that you wish you had more money, and the second is that you maybe wish you hadn’t made such silly mistakes with money in the past.

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stepping stones of making money

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We all make stupid decisions with money at some point, and we all have to deal with the repercussions. These repercussions can often lead to a lot of stress and anxiety over money, which is how a lot of people spend their lives living. It’s not nice knowing you’re in a sticky situation with money, but we’re here to get you out of it. We’ve got a few ways that you can straighten your bank account out, and hop across the stepping stones of making money!

A Fresh Start


The first step is giving yourself a fresh start. If you’re someone who goes into their overdraft quicker than they get paid due to bills, loans, debts etc. then it’s time to turn things around. Whilst you might not be able to make more money, you can stop spending money. People with debts are so bad at making their debts worse by spending their money on things they don’t really need. So, if you’re struggling, gain some self control, and tunnel all of your money into your problems. The sooner you get the debts down, the sooner the minimum payments will drop, and the sooner you can have money for other things. You might also need help repairing your credit score. If you have debts and weren’t meeting the minimum payments, it’s easy for it to drop to pretty much nothing.


There are companies out there who can help you, but it’s always important to check them out first. If you have a look at this lexington law credit repair reviews, you’ll be able to find out plenty about the process, and how that company in particular will get your credit score back up. It’s so important that you do it, because a credit score can affect everything. From getting a new mortgage if you were to ever move home, or getting car finance.

Building Money


Once you feel like you’re on top of the things that were once bringing your finances down, you can then focus on building up some money to start making money. So, to build up money, you need to start a savings routine. Whether it be that you’re saving $10 a month, or $10 a week, anything will do. It’s all about knowing you have something to fall back on, and getting into the routine of saving money rather than spending it. You could even use saving apps to try and get your money where it needs to be. There are plenty of them if you do a quick Google search, and all of them are pretty much really effective.

Money Making Ideas


Although you might have thought all of the stepping stones would have been about making money, you have to actually get here first. When you do, you can think of ideas to boost your income, and there are plenty of ways of doing it. The first is to try working from home on the side of your job. You could do something like blogging, which isn’t really a job, but there can be a lot of money to be made for it. Or, you could consider renting out a room in your home to try and make some extra money that’s always guaranteed!

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