The Future Of Marketing

How’s your marketing strategy playing out? Chances are you’ve road mapped your way to marketing success using some tried and tested methods, but have you considered branching out a little?


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In this blog we take a look at one of the newer aspects of marketing that’s slowly creeping into the marketer’s consciousness and beginning to be part of marketing objectives across the world.


Cast your mind back twenty years ago when getting publicity for your brand, issuing calls to action and so forth all came about through, mainly, print material. Social media hadn’t yet reached the peak usage it has today and was something of an afterthought in the minds of many marketing professionals.


It’s fair to say that the situation has been well and truly reversed, with the vast majority of marketing activity centred on direct mail and social media platforms. What if there was a third way that incorporated both the directness of a mailout and the reach of personalised Facebook advertisement? We’re talking about podcasts.


Whether you’re McDonald’s or gartner mdm, a podcast might just be the silver bullet you’re looking for to turn your marketing fortunes around, but be prepared to consider this a long-term venture, creating and distributing a podcast certainly doesn’t happen overnight.


So why do one at all? The answer is because with a podcast you have a captive audience all ears to hear your key messages and brand values. You don’t even have to mention your brand to benefit from the ambient brand raising and if you’ve done your customer research correctly, you won’t have to.


With podcasts you have total control over the content you’re sending out. Unlike advertising it doesn’t run the risk of being lost in the noise of the surrounding media but instead plays exactly as you intend it to.


There are, as with everything, downsides to consider. It’s not easy to create a  perfect podcast that people want to listen to, and you don’t have much space to get it right. You’ll want to bring in professionals to create great, listenable shows that have your subscribers tuning in for more. This won’t happen overnight and nor would you expect it to.


The best thing you can do to gain senior management buy-in is to spend some time listening to some great corporately created podcasts yourself. Find out the listenership statistics and how much it costs to produce each show. Figure out the ROI and present this full package to your team to persuade them that podcasts are well worth investing in.


It might not seem obvious but corporate podcasts will eventually give the entertainment element a run for its money. Harness their power now to get your foot in the door and start speaking directly to your audience on their way to work, during their downtime at lunch and on the commute home. Invest a little and a regular podcast will give you so much more back in return, embrace the future of marketing before word gets out.




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