The Dos And Don'ts Of Good Content Marketing

I’m sure that you already know that content marketing is now a key strategy for any company’s marketing. But do you know what divides the good content marketing campaigns from the bad? Not many businesses do as there are still so many out there committing to bad campaigns and strategies. Even though the bad ones won’t have a negative impact on your company, they won’t have a positive one either. They’ll have no effect and, as a result, they will prove to be a big waste of your company’s cash.

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Good content marketing

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So, it’s always important that your content marketing is as good as it can be. Here are some dos and don’ts that can help you with that.



Do Consider Getting An Expert Onboard

Lots of company owners are convinced that they can take care of their entire content marketing strategy in-house. It may be possible for a large company with a well-established marketing department, but for small companies or ones that have only just launched, it will be far too much work to take on. It’s a much better idea to outsource to a digital agency who can take care of every aspect of your content marketing. That way, you know all of your content is in the hands of experts!




Don’t Expect Quick Results

Content marketing does bring positive results, but you might not notice them for at least a few months after you start any new campaign. So, don’t go expecting instant results as that just won’t happen. It will take a while for the campaigns to start to attract interest, and then you will need further time to see this convert to leads and sales. Usually, most companies give their new content marketing strategies at least six months to take effect.




Do Cross Publish All Your Posts

Starting a company blog will be a huge part of your content marketing campaign. But you can’t simply publish a blog post and then leave it to itself. Ideally, you need to cross-post it to as many different platforms as possible to get plenty of traffic to it. So, make sure you post a link to each of your posts in a Facebook update and tweet. It could also be worth linking to it in an Instagram story as well.




Don’t Forget Your Calls To Action

One of the most important elements to any blog post is the final call to action. This should be a command such as “click on the link” or “share this post now”. It’s basically a prompt for anyone reading it, and will motivate them to carry out the action that you want them to do. Without a call to action, your readers may just read the blog post and then move on without carrying out the action that you had in mind. Lots of research shows that calls to actions are very effective in persuading readers to buy products and services, so don’t forget about them!



Hopefully, these dos and don’ts will help to improve your content marketing!



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