The core of the copy: Getting to the truth of your blog

For all of the things you can pepper a blog with, the truth needs to be under every word. And when we are so used to writing a high volume of posts, we can get sidetracked by other aspects, traffic being one of many. So, how can we get to the truth of every blog post we make?

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truth of your blog

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When you are publishing a blog post, are you truly happy with what you've done? Of course, nowadays, the demand for quantity outweighs quality from time to time. But, there's one thing that needs to be at the heart of every blog post: the truth.

Write About Your Passions

It's one of the most obvious aspects to writing in general, but instead, we provide more generalized information. When you are trying to communicate what is inherently you, you can put yourself through the wringer, and undertake some sort of psychoanalysis, where you get to the point that you don't even know what you should write about. What do you care about? How do you feel about something? Emotion is the underpinning of all great art, and not everybody will align themselves with your way of thinking, but those people that react favorably to your blog will appreciate you telling the truth. And the shortcut to this is to write about your passions.




Don't Think About It Too Much

In other words, trust your instincts! If you are concerned that you are getting enough traffic, or you need to find better ways to monetize the blog, are you actually focusing on the quality in this respect? There are infinite resources out there to help you improve your blog if necessary,

Lexel, who provide SEO services, are one of many that can give you handy pointers to bump up your ranking in the search engine results. But one of the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization is to write content that connects. And we can spend a lot of time agonizing over a bit of punctuation, but when we are trying to uncover the truth, if we trust our instincts, and writing towards those, we aren't going to veer far off track.




Always Learn

And the more we do it, the more we will realize the errors of our ways. You learn by doing when it comes to writing, and with regards to the whole approach to finding “your voice”, it isn't something that happens overnight, but if you trust your instincts, and aim towards your passions, you will naturally marry enthusiasm with knowledge. And once you've hit this point, and you've exhausted your subject matter, it's time to fill your well of information. Fueling the fire, as writers do, is essential to creating better content, to finding more succinct ways of putting your thoughts out there, and it's a very fulfilling process. The act of creating something is a way for us to connect with other people out there, and when we are writing a blog, doing a painting, or creating any piece of media, that ability to connect on an emotional level is what we are after. No fancy gimmicks or pictures can compensate for the truth.

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