The aftermath of going viral

We all want to go viral, right? That seems to be the main goal of the internet these days. If we can get one of our blog posts or Youtube videos shared a few thousand times, then this could be the start of something big. You will gain a huge audience, and could finally make a serious living from being a dedicated content creator. It might even open up some great partnerships with big-name brands and companies.

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aftermath of going viral

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No matter how much some of us try for our content to go viral, it usually happens by accident. For instance, you might take a silly video of your dog that becomes an unlikely internet sensation overnight. Now the big question is, what happens next? Well, if you follow these next few steps, you should be able to ride this wave of viral success for some time!

Direct To Your Other Content


If you create other content that you would rather people focus on, then you should try and direct them to it from your viral post. This can be easy to do and you normally just have to edit the post’s description to include a link to your blog or YouTube video. If a video went viral, make sure you add a subscribe button to it, so people are encouraged to subscribe to your channel.

Scrutinize All Business Propositions


There’s a good chance that your viral fame might bring you some media offers and business propositions. It is really important that you scrutinize all offers carefully. Some of these might only be interested in trying to make money off your post, and won’t be interested in helping you make any extra cash. So, take each potential opportunity with a pinch of salt and make sure you carefully read all the small print before signing any contracts.

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Consider How The Extra Cash Will Affect Your Tax Situation


If you do earn a significant amount of cash from going viral, it is important to see if it will affect your tax situation for the year. You can click here to learn more about the effect that important tax legislations have on our lives, and there is a chance that there is a legislation that will require you to declare your windfall. Make sure you do otherwise, you could get in big trouble with the tax man!

Create More Content


This is the perfect time to create more content and try to use this success to boost your profile. After all, you might have attracted a larger audience to your YouTube channel or blog, so you may as well take advantage of it!

Prepare For A Backlash


Remember that some pieces of content go viral for all the wrong reasons. If this is the case with yours, it could be necessary to prepare for a backlash. You might want to disconnect from social media for a while so all the criticism doesn’t affect your mental health too much.




Follow these steps, and you could really benefit from going viral!

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