6 content secrets that will make more people want to visit your blog

If you have a blog, or you’re thinking of starting a blog, you need to make sure you’re writing content that will make people actually want to visit your blog. Content is king, whether you’re trying to brand yourself or establish your business.

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Here, we’re going to give you 6 content secrets that will make more people want to visit your blog. Take a look and see what you can use next time you sit down to write a blog post or promote your content:




1. Learn The Secrets Of Viral Content

Most people want their content to go viral, but they’ve got no clue as to what they should be doing to make it so. Make sure you study other sites that put out viral content and get some ideas. Writing awesome headlines is your first port of call. You need to use words that will really make people want to click on the post. Create content that people either love or hate; you may use a clickbait headline, but make sure the content is truly useful.





2. Find Ways To Expand Your Audience

You need to find ways to expand your audience with your content, so make sure you know who your audience are and what they want. Ask people to share your content if they liked it - incorporate social sharing buttons to make this happen. You can also try these email newsletter templates to create an email marketing campaign and further get the word of your blog out there. Look at generating ideas based on user reviews and comments, too. This way, you can hope to bring in even more of your target audience next time you write a post.




3. Write An Ebook And Give It Out For Free

If you want to get your name out there, one of the best things you can do is give something away for free. How about writing an ebook and offering it to people who sign up to your email newsletter? This way, you can grow your email list and make it more targeted, as well as further make a name for yourself as a guru in your niche.




4. Mention Other Bloggers

Don’t do this for the sake of it, but mention other bloggers if it makes sense to and let them know that you’ve mentioned them. Don’t be pushy about asking them to mention it on their social channels, though, as this can be very off putting.




5. Write About Newsworthy Topics

Try to be one of the first people to jump on a trend. Stay up to date with newsworthy topics in your industry or niche and write about them. Put your own spin on content that is already out there!




6. Publish Content As Often As Your Audience Can Handle It

Post frequency is important when you want engagement and comments. Post too frequently and your audience won’t be able to keep up! You must find a balance between length and frequency. Experiment and see what feels right for your blog and your audience.



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