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Are you making things way too hard on yourself as a business leader? It’s important to ensure that one of your main priorities for your business involves optimizing processes, and cutting out the fat. Dead weight is not something you can afford to carry. It affects almost every single level of your business application, and can mean the difference between the life and death of your firm in some instances. It’s a shame how this often happens to many firms. A refusal to move with the times, a lack of forward thinking, or perhaps just too much expenditure can all have a negative impact on the overall progress of success.

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Consider a recent mainstream news story - involving a firm named Telltale Games. Telltale were once heralded as the most innovative and exciting video game developers, selling millions of copies of their games annually. However, corporate mismanagement, moving offices too frequently, over trusting in the gravy train and licensing too many deals without immediate funding all led to mass layoffs in late September of 2018. The story of Telltale is partly the story of a firm that were unable to optimize and simplify.


Thankfully, you needn’t follow in this direction. Consider our tips to simplify your workday, and your business as a whole:





Communication is the first thing to simplify. Without it, your business cannot function. Imagine your staff as a network of nodes. Of course, this is a reductive way to view them, but bear with us for this example. Without the ability for these nodes to speak to each other, problems become stagnant or at very best delayed, and solutions cannot be applied with swift and direct action. Learning happens with much less rapidity. The needs of the market are not met. Staff are confused as to their ever growing responsibilities in a fast moving market.


None of this is ideal. In order to help your firm fully rectify the problems of the past, and begin to develop its best work, you need to make staff communication a priority. Installing an intra-instant messaging network can be a worthwhile including, but internal VoIP with personal extension numbers are also important. Company memos must be available to publish by managers, and your staff should all be part of a digital suite to receive messages by work phone, email, and even physical letter.


Communication should be provided in as many different forms as possible. Staff should be reachable, or be afforded the ability to declare how available they are. Of course, many different complex options of communication sounds like needless systemizing, and opposed to simplifying your business. However, attributing one standard mode of communication and then offering more backups only allows a business to thrive, because communication will allow staff to begin the simplifying process themselves by being able to raise, in real time, issues with incoherent processes or unoptimized tasks they need to carry out. In a macro sense, this has logic.




File Compatibilities

Just as people should be afforded the ability to talk to each other, so should the files and digital architecture they use. Ensure all staff work on the same operating system, and are all part of the same digital suite. Ensure a standard program suite is utilized, ideally a broad offering of programs that work with each other, and can read each file type. For example, most modern production studios use the Adobe Creative Suite for editing, color grading, image editing and motion graphics creation. All of this is essential to foster, because file types being compatible not only allows for synergy between departments, but helps avoid unnecessary time converting files or training staff in extra digital task management.





It can be essential for your customers to also have their interaction with your firm simplified. Instead of having customers have to deal with your international standard of communication, it can pay to bring that functionality to them. For example, let’s say your firm doesn’t operate in the United Kingdom as of yet, but you have online customers based there.



How can you handle returns or physical communication on their part? Should they have to focus on adhering to the standards of another country? Or might implementing a virtual mailbox such as those found here give them an easier time interfacing with your firm, allowing them to hold you in continual high regard? It sounds obvious to us.



With these three tips to get you started, simplifying your firm top to bottom is sure to be an essential circumstance you foster day after day at the helm of your firm.





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