Simple ways to improve your blog's visual appearance

When it comes to creating your blog, you need to focus on more than the words you write. Yes, your content may be life-changing and entertaining, but the reader won’t stick around to see what you have written if your blog is ugly and boring to look at.

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Content may be king, but aesthetics is the queen, and you need to work on the visual side of your site if you want to increase traffic to your website. But how can you do this? If you’re not a graphic designer, and you don’t have the first idea about code, you may struggle with the visual side of your blog. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do to make your blog stand out.

Improve your knowledge

If you know your blog doesn’t look great visually, you don’t have to accept defeat. Pick up a few graphic design skills, whether that’s through the frequent indesign training classes that may be happening near you, or through design programmes online. Then look at other blogs, and consider the effectiveness of their visual approach. Think about what works and what doesn’t, and try to carry what you have learned over to your blog.

Choose a blogging platform

If you don’t have the skills to create a website from scratch - not many of us do - then you need to find a blogging platform for your site. There are many to choose from, but not all of them cut the proverbial mustard. Check out this comparison site, and look at examples of websites created using each platform. You don’t have to pay for some of them, but for those that you do, sign up to a free trial, and then come to a decision on which platform offers the best visual options to enhance your blog.

Present your text well

When you have finally found a platform for your work, you need to focus on the words you are creating. Beyond your writing skills, you need to think about the way you present your words. Write long paragraphs, and the reader is liable to fall asleep trying to wade through your content. You should break up your text into easily-digestible paragraphs, as this will make what you have written easier to read. Think of the font you are using too. How easy is it in the reader’s eye? The style and the size of the font you use are important, so find something that your readers will enjoy using. These are considered to be the best fonts for bloggers, so pick something that looks right on your site.

Remember pictures are worth a thousand words

80% of people retain information through visual means rather than the 20% who remember words that have been written. So, while you will understandably want to convey a message to your readers through the words you write, be concise, and use pictures to further tell your story. Don’t overload your page with images - you may have trouble with page loading speeds if you do - but pick one or two per blog entry, and ensure they relate to what you have written. When possible, use your own images, as these can create a more personable approach, rather than the stock images you are forced to use for legal purposes otherwise.

Choose the right color scheme

When your reader first clicks onto your website, it is your color palette that will make the first impression. Drab and dull colors may turn them off exploring your blog further, whereas bright and vibrant colors may just catch their eye, ensuring they stick around for longer. Therefore, focus on your color scheme, from page backgrounds to the colors of the fonts you use. It’s a tricky art, though there are some color palette tips here that I think you will find useful.

Don’t be afraid of using video

We are living in the YouTube generation, where most people consume content through video, rather than scouring blocky text. You don’t have to become a vlogger (somebody who blogs through video), although you might want to mix things up a little. You may find a video online that can help you illustrate a point you are making, or you may create your own videos to give your readers variety when you are conveying your message to them. You might even present the same piece of content twice, in text and video form, allowing your reader (or viewer) the choice in how they consume your content.

I hope you found these simple tips helpful, and that by using these ideas you manage to create something that looks great on the screen. Continue your research online, such as looking at other blogs for inspiration, to help you with your website. I look forward to reading (and seeing) what you have produced.

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