Selling real life products on your blog: A primer

A crucial method of monetising a blog is to use it as a way of promoting a real-life product that you are creating or selling. In fact, blogging in this fashion can be an excellent method of marketing your item and introducing its benefits to the right demographic. However, before you create or order in loads of product, it's essential that you have the basics sorted. Something that my post below can help you achieve.

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Do match your product and readership.


First off, it is vital that the product you are looking to sell matches the demographics of the readers that are attracted to your blog. Otherwise, your promotion and marketing efforts will be falling on deaf ears. To that end, be sure that what you are offering is of genuine value to those that read your posts.

A great example of this being that travel blogs selling real-life travel toolkits that contains small essential items needed for a specific type of breaks, such as camping, a road trip, or even a weekend away.  The reason being that these will appeal directly to those people that are reading the posts.



Don't forget to use a secure payment process.


Next, when it comes to selling anything online remember that security is something your customers will expect. With that in mind using a payment process that is reputable and known to be as secure as possible is always the right move.



Do minimise overhead costs.


Next, unlike selling virtual and digital products online, selling physical items can be costly. This is because they take money to make, store, and ship. Don't despair though because it is still entirely possible to make a profit if you ensure that you keep your overheads as low as possible.


One way to do this is to use drop shipping, a method that allows you to sell individual units of an item without having to commission a whole run, store them, or pay the postage costs.


Alternately, if you are creating the product yourself, why not use creative forms of packaging like these stand up pouches that reduce postage cost? They also don't take up as much room when being stored, which can make creating your products in batches large enough to be cost effective much more achievable.  



Don’t only talk about your products on your blog.





Lastly, when it comes to selling real-world items on your blog, remember that no matter how good your product is, your readers won't want to hear only about that. In fact, you can run a real risk of putting potential customers off if they feel like you are 'shoving your products down their throat,' so to speak.



Instead, be sure that you have a wide range of posts and articles, that are well written and useful, with only some of these relating directing to the product you are trying to sell. Remember that the idea here is to attract customers in with your blogging, and then introduce them to buying your product more gently.




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