Reasons why you are not successful on Pinterest

People keep messaging me asking why their Pinterest traffic is so low. Most of the time, they are putting a lot of effort into designing their pins, but small mistakes often ruin the pins’ performance. In this guide, I want to cover the most common reasons why you are not successful on Pinterest and how you can improve your profile and pins, to grow your Pinterest traffic.

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1.  You are using the wrong format


Pinning vertical pins is essential on Pinterest. Especially on mobile devices, vertical pins look way better than horizontal pins. While scrolling through the newsfeed, people also tend to prefer vertical pins over horizontal ones. Therefore, pinning vertical pins on Pinterest is extremely important for growing your blog traffic. To achieve best results, use the 2x3 format, for normal pins. Infographics can be a bit longer, but make sure that they still look good on mobile devices. 


Takeaway 1: Use vertical instead of horizontal pins on Pinterest! 

2. You are using a title that is not catching attention


A pin’s title is extremely important for retrieving information about the content you are presenting. Especially when you are using a lot of text in your blog posts, a pin’s title gives a good sneak peak of what to expect from the article. When adding the title to your pins, make it big and colorful. People will find it more pleasant to read and easily discover it when scrolling through the newsfeed.


How to find a great title for your pins 

A catching title hints at interesting, relevant and unique knowledge, that the reader can find on your blog. However, it is important not to mislead your audience by using headings that have nothing to do with the actual post. Remember that people love lists. On Pinterest, you could use titles like “10 tips for…” or “The 3 most common…” to catch people’s attention and make them visit your website.


Takeaway 2: Use catching titles that hint towards relevant and interesting content!

3. You are using low-quality photos


Quite often, I see that people use low-quality images for their pins. As Pinterest is a search engine for photos, good images are key to your Pinterest success. Bright colors, especially red, and big fonts catch people’s attention. Below you can see a very well performing pin.

A successful Pin on Pinterest

The font is very big and bright, and some parts are highlighted in red. The title is catching and hints at what to expect from the article: a guide on how to use Google AdSense. The image quality is very good, and the photo is relatively transparent to highlight the title. 


Takeaway 3: Use high-quality photos!

4. You are not using keywords


Most of the time, people will find your pins when searching for certain topics. To make sure that you rank high on these searches, it is incredibly important to use the right keywords. For every blog post you pin on Pinterest, you should search for and use keywords that fit your content. Using keywords will help you to rank high on both Pinterest and Google. 


Check out this amazing guide on how to find optimal keywords.

Takeaway 4: Use optimal keywords for your pin’s title and description!

5. Your pins are not relevant


Probably the most important problem that many bloggers are facing is that their pins are not relevant enough to their audience. When writing a new blog post, you should always keep in mind how this information is relevant to your audience. Are you solving a problem your readers have? Are you providing important and unique guidelines?


Some of the best performing categories on Pinterest are: 


  • Guides and instructions

Here is an example: “How to start a successful blog”. A step-by-step guide like this is very relevant for many people and adds value for them by proving unique knowledge.



  • Solving a real problem

Here is an example: “How to find optimal Pinterest keywords”. Solving a problem like this will generate a lot of traffic as it is relevant to many people. 



  • Helpful tips

Here is an example: “How to overcome motivational problems as a blogger”. With helpful tips for everyone’s daily life, you can generate traffic by providing valuable content. 



Thinking ahead and comming up with valuable content contributes significantly to your success on Pinterest.



Takeaway 5: Write and pin relevant content!

These are the 5 most common reasons why you are not successful on Pinterest. With the takeaways in mind, you can optimize your Pinterest profile and grow your blog traffic tremendously! I hope that these tips were helpful for you! If you have any questions, contact me here

Reasons why your are not successful on Pinterest
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