Pinterest SEO - How to find optimal keywords

Keywords are very important when it comes to optimizing your Pinterest profile for SEO. Finding the right keywords, however, is difficult for many bloggers. This guide will help you to find optimal keywords for your Pinterest SEO.

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When I started using strategic keywords to optimize my Pinterest profile, my profile views exploded, as you can see from my Pinterest analytics. To learn more about how to optimize your Pinterest profile, click here.

Pinterest traffic after optimizing your Pinterest profile

Pinterest SEO


As Pinterest is a search engine, search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely important. keywords will dramatically contribute to your Pinterest SEO and are one of the most convenient and valuable tools to generate traffic to your website. Although most people know that keywords are important, they do not know how to retrieve them. However, Pinterest itself offers an amazing tool to find keywords. Using those keywords will dramatically boost your profile visits and your blog traffic.

How to find optimal keywords for your Pinterest profile? 

Finding great keywords for your Pinterest profile is definitely easier than you think! In the “ads”-section, Pinterest itself provides a simple and convenient tool to find optimal keywords to improve your Pinterest SEO. Keywords are only helpful when you know exactly what you are sharing on Pinterest. Before you start searching for keywords, make sure to be clear on your niche and the topics you include in your Pinterest profile.



Quick remark: This method is completely free.



First, click on “create ad” at the top left after opening Pinterest

pinterest keyword tool

Next, type in random numbers for your spending limits and type in a random campaign name (no worries, you are not actually spending money or starting a campaign).


When you are don, click “create campaign and continue”.

Pinterest optimal keywords tool

There you go! This is where you can find the important keyword tool for Pinterest.

Pinterst keyword tool for optimizing your profile

For the moment, let’s assume your Pinterest profile is about cooking. You can now type in cooking to find related keywords. By clicking on the little plus, you can add a keyword to the list. Once you selected enough keywords, you can simply copy them to place them in strategic positions. It is helpful to types in different keywords that are related to your niche. E.g. "cooking", "recipes", "food", etc. This way, you will find great keywords that correspond to your niche.

Pinterest keywords

Pinterest displays the number of searches for each keyword on the right. The more people search for a certain keyword, the more traffic you can generate by landing under the top search results. But keep in mind that there is also more competition.

Pinterest keyword search numbers


After you found the optimal keywords, you can start using these keywords to optimize your Pinterest profile. That means, optimizing your profile, your description, and your boards with these keywords. This will significantly boost your Pinterest SEO and generate more traffic to your blog. Below you can find an example of how to strategically use keywords for your Pinterest profile. You can find the complete guide to optimizing your profile here.

Pinterest profile optimization



Pinterest is a search engine. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to optimize your profile with regard to keywords. This will dramatically increase the traffic you get from Pinterest. Finding those keywords is, however, not that easy (at least without the right tools). Pinterest offers a great tool that can help you to discover optimal keywords for your own profile!


I hope that this step-by-step guide to finding optimal Pinterest keywords was helpful for you and that optimizing your profile will boost your profile visits. If you have any questions left, contact me here

Pinterest SEO - how to find optimal keywords
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