Managing stress when launching a business

Launching a business is tough. Where it’s online or off. It’s exciting, wonderful and exhilarating. It’s your chance to do something that you love, to make a go of your business, your way. To work flexibly around other needs and to spend your time earning money doing something that you love. But, there’s no denying that it’s hard work. Especially in the beginning.

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Most small businesses start off with very few staff. Often none at all. With the owners doing most of the work themselves. Taking your business from an idea to launch can take blood, sweat, and tears. You can spend hours and hours sorting and preparing, and it can feel very much like your new business is taking over your life. This stress can ruin what can be an exciting and enjoyable time in your life. So, let’s take some time to find ways to manage it.

Manage Your Finances

One of the leading causes of stress with the launch of any new business is money. Whether you’ve got savings, an investor or a line of credit from, there will be times when it feels like costs are spiraling out of control and it can be easy to spend much more than you need to on things like marketing and stock.

Before you start, make sure you’ve got a strict budget and a financial forecast. Stick to it. Manage your finances and make sure you know exactly what is going where and how much you’ve got left. Here is a look at some tips on preparing your forecast.

Take a Day Off

take a day off

Time is the other leading cause of stress. When launching a business, it’s easy to never stop. To keep working all of the time and never take a full day off. Even if you do take a day away from the business, you might find yourself spending time checking emails or tweaking your website. This isn’t relaxing, and it’s certainly not giving yourself a break. This will only increase your stress levels and make everything seem a lot worse.


So, make sure you give yourself a full day off. Leave your phone in the office or at home, switch your computer off, put your notepads away and stop. Spend a full day doing something that you love with your friends or family or head to the spa for a proper day of relaxation.

Leave Work at Work

Many small businesses start up at home. This can make it very hard to leave work at work. Not just in the beginning, but for the life of your business. This can leave you neglecting your family and real life and even struggling to sleep.


Even if you work from home, set yourself office hours. When you’re done, stop. Switch off, do something different and leave work behind for a few hours.

Get Some Exercise

get some exercise

When you’re launching a business, your mind is constantly on the go. Worrying about everything that you need to do or mentally adding things to your to-do list. It’s constant, and it can be so hard to turn off. Exercise is a wonderful way to channel all of this energy. Go for a run when you are done for the day. Clear your mind, burn off any negative energy and get ready to chill out.

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