Stand up & shout: Making your business stand out from the crowd

There is every chance that you have noticed that your industry is becoming more competitive. With the number of small businesses rising, there is a need to fight to be seen and if you aren’t standing up and letting people know that you are there, then you’re going to disappear.

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Competition is not a bad thing, and this is the first thing that you need to know about your business. When there is more competition out there, it means that you have the power to change things up so that your business stands up against all the competition for the right reasons.

There is only one thing that you need to do to make your business stand out from the crowd, and that’s to be different. It’s that simple and there are thousands of ways that you can have your business stand up and shout by being different. Here are a few ways that you can do this:

Web Presence. If you want to figure out how to be more competitive, you need to look to your online presence. You don’t need to have a physical business location to be impressive, especially if you have a virtual office address already. Everyone who's anyone is online now, and you need to up your web presence if you want to be noticed. Add to your website with a blog or a vlog and build your website so be more impressive all around.



Socialise. Rather than partying, you can get your business onto social media and manage it really well! A business that is making waves through Twitter, Facebook and all number of social media platforms is one that is going to stand right out from the crowd and be noticed. Not just by the competition either, by customers. The customers that take notice of you are the ones that will rely on you and your products. The better you are on social media, the more that they will remember you!



Wear It Well. You have to portray a professional exterior as much as possible, and it’s not just on your website. You need the swanky business cards and the squeaky-clean logos, and you need to build your brand so that people will recognise you from the moment that they spot your colours. The advancements in technology can allow your business look better while you spend less money to build your brand.



Blog Off. If you want customers and clients to learn about you, you need to give your company a personality. Humanising your company so that you are given a voice beyond what you do for a living attracts customers who want to learn more about you as people and not a business. Get your content written and if you need to outsource your content outside your business, you should do so to get the results that you want.

These things are not expensive, and they can separate your business from the competition. Position yourself strongly on the market and you’ll never regret trying to get noticed!

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