Making Money As A Gardener

Gardening is a hobby which a lot of people enjoy now and again, and when it comes to a relaxing spring morning there is nothing better than setting up in the garden to plant colourful plants and flowers.

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Today though we’re going to look at a way to go one step further and make money off your hard labour. Here are some of our top ways to make money gardening and growing plants this year.



Use your own compost

The first thing you can do when it comes to growing successful crops to sell to your customers is to use great compost. Compost is the soul we plant flowers into and the nutrients it contains are what help our plants to thrive. It is always best to make your own compost in a bin outside by recycling things such as paper, vegetables and other food. This will provide you with nutrient dense compost which you can use to spread on your plants and help them to grow.



Choose great plants

The second choice you’ll need to make with your plants is to choose the best and easiest ones for you to grow at a fast rate. There are a lot of different plants out there to choose from and you should take your time to choose the best ones for your little business. Herbs can always be a good option, and succulents such as aloe Vera spawn babies every now and again themselves which you can pot up and sell on.




If you live in a cold area or you are planning to sell throughout the winter, an incubation system such as could be a good idea for your planting process. Plants usually lie dormant in cold weather therefore having a warm place for them to grow can help them thrive at a faster rate. This will give you more chance to tiles crops which you can then sell on to whoever wants them.



Buy cheap pots

If you want to think about a business in selling plants to your customers, you’ll want to think about profit. As with any business, it is important for you to save money wherever you can so that you see a higher profit margin once they are sold. This is why you can buy cheap plant pots online in bulk and this will save you a ton.



Sell locally

As a plant seller there are a few different routes you could take for your business. The most obvious one is to open a garden centre in your local area for people to come and buy from. Another option though can be to sell your plants at local markets and fairs throughout the year and at shows. This will be a good money making opportunity due to the high volume of people who visit and you can make a pretty penny for yourself. It also means that you’ll only have to set up and sell once a week or once a month which can free you up for other things.



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