About my International Business studies at Maastricht University and my exchange semester in Singapore

In this blogpost, I will explain to you why I started studying International Business at Maastricht University, what I think about the university and the study program and why I decided to do my upcoming exchange semester at the National University of Singapore.

This photo shows books for studying International Business at Maastricht University

In 2015, I applied to Maastricht University and got accepted for studying International Business (IB) even before graduating from high school. This was a great feeling, since it took away a lot of pressure that people normally have because of their finals. I chose studying IB not only because I love math and speaking English (The study program is offered in English), but also because I have always been interested in how large businesses operate. Especially seeing big firms like Apple or Google prospering and launching one successful product after another was always very inspiring for me and I knew I want to be part of this. When this blogpost becomes available online (June 2017), I’m almost done with the 2nd year of my Bachelor.

This photo shows the beautiful city of Maastricht where the university is located.

Maastricht University is a great place to study, as it offers an international environment on the one hand and a great teaching system on the other hand. This system is called “Problem-Based Learning” (PBL) and has a lot of advantages compared to “regular” teaching approaches. PBL focuses less on lectures (we only have one or two per week), but emphasizes learning in a group of up to 15 students. In these sessions, a tutor guides the class through discussing and applying the knowledge that the students gathered during their self-studies at home. The direct application of (sometimes) boring concepts to real life situations and cases makes the lessons extremely vivid and interesting. You really get the impression that you learn something valuable for your career. 



I’m also really satisfied with the study program International Business, since it offers a great mix of management and marketing related courses as well as more mathematical courses, for example related to finance or accounting. However, the mathematical courses are definitely not everyone’s favorite.

This photo shows the beautiful skyline of Singapore where the National University is located where I am doing my exchange semester.

All International Business students at Maastricht University are required to do an exchange either in their 5th or 6th semester. I decided that I want to complete my Bachelor thesis first (in the 5th semester) and then go abroad in the last semester of the Bachelor. This will take place from January 2018 until May 2018. Since my grades in the first year were good enough, I’m allowed to do my exchange at the National University of Singapore. Singapore was my favorite choice, since I absolutely love the country, the university has an outstanding reputation and it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to personally develop. I’m also really looking forward to getting to know the Asian culture and to traveling Asia. So, you can expect to see many photos of my exchange on my Instagram and I will also keep you updated on this blog!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! If you have any questions about my studies you can always contact me! Have a nice day!


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