Inexpensive ways to market your freelance business

There are advantages to being a freelancer. You can be your own boss. You don't have to adhere to the 9 to 5 workday. You may be able to work from home. But there are also disadvantages, one of these being financial insecurity. By not working for an employer, you have to manage all of your expenses on your own. And you have to source your own work, searching for clients to ensure you have enough money coming in each month. Marketing is key, therefore, but if money is in short supply for this vital aspect of your freelance business, you need to look for inexpensive ways to market your business. I have some ideas for you here.

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#1: Ask for referrals from your clients

Do you have any satisfied clients? If so, ask them for referrals so you can grow your client base. Speak to current and former clients, and perhaps motivate them by offering an incentive, such as a discount on your service or product.



#2: Set up a website

If you don't have a website yet, then it's time to get something online. There are many reasons why you should. One of these is for marketing purposes, as you can direct people back to your website from your social media accounts and business cards. You can set up a website for free, using services such as, though when you do have the money to spend, it's worth paying a small fee to pay for a custom domain name, instead of something with added to the end of it. You will look more professional this way.



#3: Use email

It doesn't cost you anything to send an email, and while you don't want to spam potential clients, you might still send out at least one cold email to attract the relevant people to your business. You should also contact past clients, perhaps with an email newsletter, to remind them that you still exist. Let them know of any special offers and updates to your business to make them sit up and take notice. Check out these affordable newsletter templates to attract their attention, and make use of the free trial the linked website is offering if you are resistant to paying for the service at the moment.



#4: Network

Don't be a wallflower! You need to push yourself if you want to build a client base. There are a number of ways you can do this, one of which is through social media platforms such as LinkedIn. You can find out more about this here. You should also get yourself along to industry conferences, trade shows, and any other type of business event. Armed with your business cards, initiate conversations with the people who can grow your business, swap contact details, and make an effort to get in touch with them if they are slow to reach out to you.




These are just some of the ways you can market your business inexpensively. There are other routes, of course. Don't forget good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, encouraging your clients and social media networks to pass on good word about you. And show courage by picking up the phone to offer your services to appropriate businesses. By doing these things, as well as following our other suggestions, you will be able to market your business without having to spend very much at all. And that, as we know, is a good thing, especially when your budget is tight.



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