Improving your website's conversion rate

Are you attracting a high level of viewers to your website but failing to convert them into customers? This is a worrying issue, and it can be hard for you to put your finger on the problem if you have no experience in website design. But, don’t panic, as we have put together some top tips below.

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conversion rate

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How to increase your conversion rate


Simple navigation – A lot of people leave a website when it is too complex to utilise. When a viewer lands on your site, they should be able to find what they are looking for immediately. The Internet is all about convenience, and if the navigation of your website is not simple, your bounce rate is guaranteed to be high.



Don’t make registration a necessity – Many businesses make customers register before they can buy anything from their website. This is not advised. Instead, provide a guest checkout.



Clear value proposition – Another way to cure your poor conversion rates is to incorporate a clear value proposition. This should tell potential customers what is special about your brand and your products. How is your product better and different to all other similar items that are available on the marketplace?



Reduce the number of fields – It does not matter whether you are asking for information for membership purposes or your customer is purchasing a product, you should ensure there are as few form fields as possible, otherwise customers can get frustrated and end up looking elsewhere.



High-quality images – You may be suffering from a low level of conversions because the images you are using are sending the wrong message about your brand. You need to use photos that are of a professional quality whenever possible, as tacky, generic stock photos will have a negative impact on your brand image.



Responsive website design – One of the main reasons why websites suffer from a low conversion rate is because the design is not responsive, which makes it difficult to view on smartphones and tablets. You need to hire a web developer to ensure your site is optimised for a smaller screen. A responsive website design is essential, as it ensures your site is optimised for viewing on all devices, and this is vital when you consider the dominance of mobile Internet at present.



Payment options – One reason why your conversion rate could be low is because you do not offer enough payment options, and so some customers will be unable to buy from your website. One mistake a lot of businesses make is only giving their customers the option to pay via PayPal. Despite the popularity of this platform, not everyone wants to pay in this manner, and so it is vital to have other options available.




Don’t ignore social media


Social media is so important for your website conversions today because you can direct a huge amount of traffic from your social network pages to your e-store. Therefore, if your social media strategy is not on point, it could be letting down the entire team.



Firstly, you need to consider where you focus your efforts. From LinkedIn and Twitter, to Pinterest and Facebook, there are many different social media platforms for you to choose from nowadays. It would be extremely inefficient to set up an account on all platforms. You would not be able to manage them effectively. Instead, you need to choose two or three platforms to focus on.



Facebook is the only social media site that is suited to all businesses. When choosing between the remainder, you need to think about your target consumer base as well as the content used on the social media platform. For instance, Pinterest is extremely female dominated and it is for images. So, if you think this would be beneficial to your business, then it is a good place to set up social media presence.



There are many different tactics companies are using nowadays to make the most of social media. One popular option is to host a competition. Competitions are extremely beneficial as they present an excellent way for you to drum up exposure. You can encourage users to share or retweet in order to be entered into the competition. By doing this, all of their followers and friends are going to see the competition post and therefore you are getting your customers to indirectly advertise for you. Plus, those who don’t win the competition may then go on to buy the item from your website anyway, meaning you are increasing those conversions.



Social media also presents an excellent platform for sharing videos and images. Videos and images are likely to provoke a greater response from potential customers. People are also much more likely to share these types of posts. You can also engage with your customers instantly and daily. This gives your customers the chance to feel closer to your business, which will result in a much more loyal consumer base.



So there you have it: some useful tips that should help you to boost your conversion rate and rectify where you are going wrong with your website at present. It is important to recognise that when it comes to site conversions, it is not just about your website itself - it is about the entire picture. Use the advice that has been provided above and you should notice that your conversions start to increase by a considerable degree.

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