How to use to drive more traffic to your blog posts

As the era of StumbleUpon is coming to an end, can become a very important traffic source for bloggers. This beginners guide will help you to use to drive traffic to your blog more effectively. Read all about how Mix works, how to start using it and how to use Mix for generating traffic.

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What is is a relatively new content discovery service. As of July 2018, will officially replace StumbleUpon. People can use to discover new websites, blogs and blog posts that match their interests. As a blogger or publisher, you can submit your articles to get discovered by random people. focuses on showing its users high-quality content in a very clean manner. replaces stumbleupon

How to start using

If you already have a StumbleUpon account and you open the StumbleUpon website, you get a message that you can simply move all your information to Mix, without much effort. You can follow the steps to easily set up your account. 


In case you do not have a StumbleUpon account, you can sign up for Mix here


After you signed up, you have to select a few interests, so that Mix can start suggesting websites to you. On your profile, you can add a profile picture and a short bio, follow people and create collections, which is further explained below. 

Traffic from

How does work

Once you completed all the steps outlined above, you can start using Mix. As a blogger, you can submit blog posts by clicking the orange “+” in the top right corner. After you submitted a URL, you can add it to one (or more) collection(s) of your choice. It is most useful to divide your blog posts by topic. 


Other people can now follow your account and add your posts to their collections. Furthermore, Mix will start showing your posts to people that might be interested in reading your articles. 

How to drive traffic to your blog using

First, it is important to submit all your blog posts to By doing this, Mix can suggest all your posts to people that fit well into your audience. 


Second, add your posts to collections. Find fitting headings for your collections and add informative descriptions. 


Third, be social. By following other people and adding their posts to your collections, they will come across your profile and discover your posts. 

Will fully replace StumbleUpon?

At the moment, does not have as many users as StumbleUpon used to have. However, as StumbleUpon will definitely terminate its services, it is recommended to start using as early as possible, to get a first mover advantage. 


Nevertheless, getting traffic from takes more time at the moment. So, do not expect results that are as promising as StumbleUpon traffic used to be right from the beginning.

Conclusion is a very clean-looking and easy-to-use website discovery service. As it will replace StumbleUpon in the near future, it is important for bloggers to start getting familiar with it. In the long term, can be a valuable traffic source for bloggers, as long as you are publishing high-quality content. 


If you have any final questions regarding how to drive traffic to your blog using, contact me here

How to use to drive traffic to your blog
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