How to start a blog

Do you want to know how to start a blog? This article will walk you through the process of starting your own blog! This step by step guide illustrates how to start by choosing a domain name and a hosting service and how to install WordPress.

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How do you start a blog? 

When entering the blogging world, starting a blog might seem overwhelming at first. For me, reading about hosting platforms, website builders, and other non-familiar terms was pretty scary at first and I was hesitant to actually start a blog. After I spend hours and hours researching on how to start a blog, I want to share my insights and make your life easier – with this step by step guide to starting a blog. 

Step-by-step guide for beginners

Most successful bloggers start their blogs using WordPress. WordPress gives you more freedom than e.g. a website builder. Before you can start writing blog posts, you need to select a domain name and a hosting package. 

1. Find a niche and an overall topic for your blog

Before you start creating your own blog, you should think about what story you want to tell. As a blogger, you are free to talk about whatever you want. This could be traveling, lifestyle, fashion, technology, etc. The more specific your niche is, the less potential visitors there are to find your blog. However, there is also less competition. Starting a niche blog might be easier, as you can connect closer with your audience and people have less difficulty finding your content, as there is less competition. Think carefully about what you want to blog about. Once you started blogging, it is quite difficult to change the direction of your blog.

2. Choose a corresponding and fitting name!

Once you decided on the story you want to tell, start finding a name for your new blog. In my case, my "name" is simply my Instagram username. However, your name could be anything, ranging from your real name to the topic you want to talk about. A catching name is very important to get people's attention and can help you with branding your content.

3. Select your domain and register it

Once you come up with the perfect name for your blog, you should register it as soon as possible, so that no one else can steal it. If you are new to the blogging world, it is recommended to register your domain with your hosting package. This makes the whole process easier and more convenient. With Bluehost, a website hosting service, you even get a free domain name. In the next step, I will explain how to choose a hosting provider, register your domain and install WordPress. Below, you can check if your domain is still available. 

4. Decide on a hosting service

Your host is the heart of your website. A good host guarantees good site speed and accessibility. This is very important, as it makes your website more enjoyable to use and visitors are more likely to return. In addition, it is important that your host offers a good support service, in case there are any issues to avoid downtime.


From the variety of hosting services, most successful bloggers recommend Bluehost. Bluehost is a very reliable host but is also known for good prices and incredible website speed and accessibility.   

How to finally start your own blog – Setting up hosting and WordPress

After clarifying the most important steps, it is now time to guide you through how to set up your hosting at Bluehost. This detailed step by step guide will make it super easy for you to start your blog. Let’s go!

Open the Bluehost website here. With this link, you may get some additional perks and you can support me for free! Next, click on “Get started”.

How to start a blog - beginner's guide to starting a blog with wordpress

When you have decided on a domain, enter it under “new domain” and click on “next”. 

bluehost, register new domain

After that, enter your account information. Next, you can continue to “package information”. Under “account plan”, you can select the perfect fit for your blog. By selecting 36 months, you get the cheapest monthly rate. A small side note: to offer such cheap prices, Bluehost charges you upfront for the hosting. Do not worry too much about the other services on this screen, you can still add them later.

bluehost account information / package information

Enter your payment information, agree to the terms of service and click "submit".

bluehost payment information

That’s it! You own a Bluehost account and you are ready to start your blog! Congratulations.

bluehost create password

Now you need to create a password. Create a password that is strong and secure to protect your website. 

You can now log into your account by selecting “hosting” and entering your previously selected password. 

bluehost login

When opening your account, you will see a friendly welcome message. I will try my best to guide you through the process, so feel free to close the window for the moment. After closing the window, you can see your account dashboard. From here, you can finally install WordPress. To do so, click “Install WordPress” at the bottom of the screen. 

install wordpress

On the next screen, simply click “install”. Tick the “show advanced options” box. Enter a site name or title (you can always change that) and a username and password for your WordPress login. Tick the “automatically create new database for this information” box, agree to the terms and conditions and click “install now”. Once the bar turned green, WordPress has been successfully installed. 


Check your inbox. There should be an email from Mojo Marketplace including your URL and your admin login. 

Click the admin URL and log in to your WordPress. Retrieve your password from the Bluehost tab. Make sure to get the password within 12 hours, as the alert expires.


The next page shows everything you need to know to use WordPress. I would recommend taking a screenshot and saving it somewhere.


With your password, you can now log into WordPress and access your WordPress dashboard. It might take some time to get familiar with all the available options, so take your time! 

From now on, you can spend your time designing your blog, writing blog posts and sharing your content. 

You made it! You started your very own blog! Congratulations! I hope this step by step guide on how to start a blog was helpful and easy to understand. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for trusting me with guiding you on how to start a blog. Good luck in the blogging world. I’m sure your new blog will be successful!  

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