How to brand your pins so that they do not get stolen

Branding your pins on Pinterest is very important. Without a proper branding, your pins might get stolen and it is more difficult for people to recognize your content. In this short guide, you will learn how to brand your pins so that they do not get stolen.

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Why is branding so important? 

Branding your pins is important for two reasons. First, by properly branding your pins, you avoid that people steal them. This means that other users cannot copy your images and make them lead to their own websites. Second, great branding makes people recognize your content more easily and you will get more clicks and saves.




What can go wrong?

Quite often, I see that people use a totally different form of branding for every pin (different colors, different fonts, different styles). This makes it very hard for people to recognize your content. Think of a brand like Coca-Cola. Its main colors are red and white, it has a distinct font and it even has its own “mascot” (the polar bear). Therefore, seeing the color red or the polar bear at the beginning of an advertisement makes you think of Coca-Cola immediately. This is how branding should be done!

Bad branding makes it easier to steal your pins. By adding a bar with your URL at the very bottom of the pin, your pins are not really safe. Someone could easily cut the photo a little bit and upload it without the URL bar. 


How to brand your pins so that they do not get stolen

It is important to use multiple branding points as mentioned before in the Coca-Cola example. Add a URL bar, decide on a unique color and font scheme, and maybe even add a tiny photo of you somewhere. If you prefer to keep it a minimalistic as possible, make sure to move the URL bar from the bottom of the pin to the middle (check out the examples below). 



Below, I want to illustrate the previously mentioned tips with some of my pins. 

A few months ago, I used to create poorly branded pins like this: 


These days, I want to make sure that my pins do not get stolen, so I brand them by relying on a coherent color and font scheme and using different branding points. At the moment, I use two different styles:


I hope that this short article will help you to create properly branded pins that do not get stolen! If you have any questions, make sure to contact me here. If you want to learn more about how to become successful on Pinterest, click here

How to brand your pins so that they do not get stolen
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