How to overcome motivational problems as a blogger

Blogging is not always easy, especially when you are still at the beginning of growing your online presence and I am sure you know the feeling of being overwhelmed by guidelines and rules of some self-appointed blogging experts. This article is about how you can overcome motivational problems caused by these so called “experts” and how you can enjoy blogging (again).

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It is quite intimidating at first.

You read things like “To be successful on Instagram, you have to post 3-5 times a day!” or “Without joining the right Pinterest group boards, you will never reach a large audience!” – and you just sit there in front of your computer and have neither heard of these fancy group boards nor time for uploading more than one or two photos per week. Thank god, there are some self-appointed blogging gurus, that offer eBooks and online courses about how to become a successful blogger. No.


I’m sure most of the people who give tips about blogging are more or less successful with their own blog and have a decent amount of knowledge accumulated over the years. However, the way they use or “share” this knowledge is what actually bothers me. Not only do these “experts” want to force you to subscribe to their email lists or to buy their eBooks, they also pack their blogs with a ridiculous amount of advertisements compared to the actual information you get. On top of that, they present their methods as the only valid approach and spread a kind of "pressure", so that you get the impression that you cannot be successful with any other approach.


Be yourself.

When you consider blogging as a hobby, you probably will not have time to upload 5 photos a day. Is that bad? Of course not. Can you still prosper? Absolutely! Just because someone decided that 5 photos a day is the magic number and presents it as the only valid approach, this does not have to affect you. All this pressure of making people think that if they do not upload a special number of photos a day or if they do not subscribe to an email newsletter about how to be successful on Pinterest, they will never be successful is in my opinion absolutely disgusting. There are no set rules on how to be the perfect blogger.

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Your success depends not only on your niche but also on 1000 other factors so that it is ridiculous how some “blogging experts” want to make you think that you have to mimic their approach. Your followers do not want you to copy someone else’s approach. You have to be unique – do what fits you best. And even if there is a magical number of uploading 3.82 photos per day, you do not have to stick to it. It does not matter whether you reach 10k subscribers in 11 months or in 2 years, as long as you are happy with your approach. There is no reason to force yourself to stick to an approach that you do not like and that causes you to lose motivation. Be yourself, try things out to see what works best for you and succeed by being unique.


Of course, you can still use tips that others share with you. But make sure to critically assess if these guidelines are suitable for you and do not force yourself to stick to them, as this will most likely negatively affect your motivation. 


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What about my tips?

When I share tips about my blogging or social media experience, I do not want to present my suggestions as universally applicable. I simply want to share my story with you – strategies that work out for me and experiences I made. But I do not want you to copy these strategies because it is possible that they do not work for everyone. However, I hope that you read my articles to take a look at what I did and think about how you can use this information for your blog. Can you modify a strategy that worked for me to do even better? Can you implement only parts of a method I used? Or can you even copy a strategy because you are in the same niche? It is all up to you and remember: Be yourself, try things out to see what works best for you and succeed by being unique!

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you can overcome any motivational problems that you face. I would love to hear your opinion on this topic. Do not forget to share this article if you think it is helpful!


How to overcome motivational problems as a blogger
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