How to optimize your Pinterest profile

Optimizing your Pinterest profile is incredibly important when it comes to generating traffic from Pinterest. For most successful bloggers, Pinterest is the largest traffic source for their blog. Optimizing my Pinterest profile helped to more than triple my Pinterest traffic, and this is something you can achieve too. This is a complete guide to optimizing your Pinterest profile.

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Here is a graphic which is taken directly from my Pinterest analytics. Within days after I started optimizing my profile, my daily impressions exploded.

Pinterest traffic after optimizing your Pinterest profile

I want to share my strategy for optimizing my Pinterest profile with you so that you can increase your blog traffic! And the best thing is, this will take you only 20-30 minutes! 

How I optimized my profile


As Pinterest is a search engine, SEO is equally important as it is for Google. Therefore, keywords are the most important tool to get found on Pinterest. With 5 simple steps, I optimized my profile and generated more than three times as many profile visits! This obliviously resulted in a ton of traffic to my site! 


1. Find the optimal name for your profile by including keywords

2. Improve your profile description with the right keywords.

3. Name boards with catching titles and include keywords

4. Edit your board description by placing strategic keywords.

5. Add board covers and sort your boards



That is all the magic. Using optimal keywords in the right place will dramatically improve your Pinterest profile. 

How to find optimal keywords for your Pinterest profile? 

Finding great keywords for your Pinterest profile is way easier than you might think! Under “ads” Pinterest itself provides a simple and convenient tool to find keywords. Before you start searching for keywords, make sure to be clear on your niche and the topics you (want to) cover on your blog and your Pinterest profile.


To find keywords, first, click on “create ad” at the top left. 

pinterest keyword tool

Next, type in some random numbers for the spending limits and type in a random campaign name (no worries, you are not actually spending money or starting a campaign). Click “create campaign and continue”.

Pinterest optimal keywords tool

This is where you can find the keyword search tool. 

Pinterst keyword tool for optimizing your profile

Let’s assume your blogging about cooking. You can now type in cooking to find related keywords. By clicking on the little plus, you can add a keyword to the list. Once you selected enough keywords, you can simply copy them to place them in strategic positions. 

Pinterest keywords

Note that Pinterest displays the number of searches for each keyword on the right. The more people search for a certain keyword, the more traffic you can generate by landing under the top search results. 

Pinterest keyword search numbers


In the next step, you can use these keywords to optimize your Pinterest profile.

A step-by-step guide to optimizing your Pinterest profile.

1. Find the optimal name for your profile by including keywords. 


To change your business name, go to settings and profile. 

Pinterest profile optimization

Many people make the mistake to use their real name, their username or simply the name of their business here, without using any keywords. This way, it is much more difficult for people to find your Pinterest profile, even when they are looking for content you are publishing. Therefore, include some of the most important keywords in your niche in your business name. 


For me, this means including “blogging tips” and “social media strategies” as keywords. For people that publish recipes, this could be things like “cooking” and “recipes”, DIY bloggers could use “DIY” and “creativity”, etc. 


Important tip: For me, there is a limit of 30 characters when choosing my Pinterest business name on my computer. However, when using the Pinterest app, you can use more characters!

2. Improve your profile description with the right keywords.


The same way you improved your Pinterest business name, you can also optimize your description under “about”. Use similar keywords in complete sentences to improve your ranking. Do not simply add a list of keywords to your description but rather describe what people can find on your profile with the strategic keywords you selected before. It is not really recommended to use links in your Pinterest description, as these do not add value to this type of SEO.

3. Name boards with catching titles and include keywords


Many people forget to name their Pinterest boards properly. However, board names that do not include keywords perform very poor on search engines. Go to your board settings and rename your boards by including keywords. 

optimize pinterest boards

4. Edit your board description by placing strategic keywords.


When editing your board descriptions, it is enough to add a list of keywords that are relevant to the boards topic. There is no need for complete sentences. If you have mulitple boards covering the same topic, try to vary the selection of keywords.

5. Add board covers and sort your boards


One thing that does not have much to do with SEO, but which is still very important for optimizing your Pinterest profile, is the appearance of your “boards” page. By adding board covers and arranging your boards in a strategic order, your profile will appear much nicer and is more enjoyable for your audience. 

optimized pinterest profile

Conclusion and final thoughts


Pinterest is a search engine. To this end, it is incredibly important to optimize your profile with regard to keywords. This will dramatically increase the traffic you get from Pinterest. People will be able to find your profile and boards through the Pinterest search function and will enjoy your nice-looking and enjoyable profile. 


I hope that this step-by-step guide to optimizing your Pinterest profile was helpful for you and that optimizing your profile will significantly boost your blog traffic. If you have any questions left, contact me here

how to optimize your pinterest profile
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