How to make Instagram story covers

This article is all about how you can easily create covers for your Instagram story highlights. This will make your feed much nicer and cleaner and can be done within 10 minutes!

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For all of you that are not familiar with how Instagram story covers look like, here is a photo of how my feed looks like. The story covers appear right below my bio. 

Now, let’s take a look at how you can create your own covers! 


First, you need to decide how to systematically sort the stories that you want to save. Common themes are traveling, food, clothes, selfies, advertisements, party, and many more! 


Next, you need to find icons that match these themes, e.g. a plane for traveling, a burger for food, etc. You can find icons on Flaticon or Iconmonstr and many other websites.

Once you have downloaded all the icons you need, you can use a photo editing app or software to insert each icon into a photo of your choice. In my opinion, the icons have a better effect when the background of the photo is relatively simple and clean (e.g. a plain color, marble, etc.). It’s also recommended to use the same background for all the covers you want to create. 


A very simple and intuitive app that I used for my story covers is Phonto. Simply select the background of your choice, insert the icon and… done! Make sure to position the icon in the very middle of the photo for best results. In addition, don’t make it too big, as the circle of the story highlights is relatively small. 

When all your story covers are ready, you can upload them to your Instagram story. Once you have done that, you can highlight the cover photos. Next, click on “edit highlight” and then “edit cover”, to select the photo you created as a cover for this story highlight! 

With your new story highlight covers, your feed will be super clean and catch your followers’ attention! If you have any further questions, just to drop me a message! I hope you are now ready to create beautiful story covers for your Instagram. Make sure to send me your best story covers on Instagram, so I can check them out and even share them with my audience! 

How to make instagram story highlight covers
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