How To Keep Your Creative Spark As Your Business Grows

When you first set up your own business, one of the things you have to get used to very quickly is keeping record amounts of plates spinning at once. From winning over new clients and attracting seed funding to chasing up invoices, interviewing employees and choosing new premises to writing a marketing strategy, it never seems to stop.

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But with all the admin requirements there are to keep a business afloat on a daily basis, it's a common frustration to feel like you’re moving further away from what you actually set up to do. This is especially the case when it comes to the creative professions, or the process of being creative itself. When your mind is crowded out with ordering paper for the copier and handling payroll, when do you find the time and the headspace to keep developing the creative vision which led you to set up in the first place?You’ll need to learn to somehow create space in your week to be re-inspired or to work on your blog -  but that’s easier said than done before you can afford to hire lots of staff to take care of other tasks. Here’s how to keep your creative spark while you’re building an empire…



Create Some Distance

When you’re right on top of an obstacle, you can never see it clearly. So creative problem solving relies on having a certain distance. If you find that your best business ideas always happen when you’re in the shower, or in the middle of the night in bed, there’s a good reason for that - it's the psychological distance from the issue that has given your brain a chance to troubleshoot. It can be helpful to use a scheduling app to book in some weekly time away from your usual workspace to process ideas and work through solutions. Alternatively, you could try tricking your brain into coming up with the goods by taking the issue and reformulating what you’re asking yourself as if it was a hypothetical question, advice you’d give to a friend or something in the future. If you come to a complete creative roadblock, don’t try and force it - move away and work on something completely different to give your mind a chance to reset.



Find Your Flow

Each of our minds and bodies is governed by something called a Circadian Rhythm, and this dictates when we’ll feel high energy and focused, and conversely when our minds are tired and our work is likely to be lesser quality.  Research indicates that most people operate in bursts of 90-120 minutes throughout the day, Try to work longer than that without a break and being creative is likely to be an uphill struggle. Most people also find that they are more ‘in the zone’ during the morning, but a small percentage of people are naturally night owls. It is possible to reset your body clock in most cases if you’ve gotten into bad habits. Try tracking your energy levels throughout the day for a week to discover when you’re at your peak. Instead of wasting that time on admin and other repetitive tasks, use it to work on a big project or tackle a pressing issue.



Learn To Delegate And Automate

When you’ve set up a business from scratch, it's your baby. You've put blood, sweat and tears into making it happen, and learning to relinquish total control over that is hard. But one of the most valuable assets you bring to the table is your creativity - that is what is driving your business forward - so you need to protect that by handing over routine tasks. If you’re not at the stage where you have staff or you do but everyone is spread thin, use automated processes to make life easier. Software like Cloudpay can take care of payroll services while apps like Hootsuite let you write and schedule social media posts in advance so that they can keep ticking over on their own. Finding solutions like this means your life is much easier.



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