How to increase traffic to your blog

Since my blog hit the first 1000 visitors already after two weeks, I want to elaborate on how to increase traffic to your new blog or website and share my strategies with you. These tips will help you to skyrocket your traffic!

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The main problem that new blogs (and websites in general) encounter, is that search engines like Google do not value their content enough. Especially blogs with a limited amount of traffic struggle with ranking on one of the first pages and do not get new visitors this way. As you still want people to visit your website and read your articles, you have to find other ways of increasing traffic. For me the three most valuable sources are Facebook, StumbleUpon and Instagram.

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There are two reasons why Facebook is my main traffic source. First, I can use my page to update my followers about new posts or other blog-related things. Secondly, and this is way more important, I can also target new visitors with Facebook very easily. To do so, I joined several Facebook groups that fit my content and started connecting with potential readers and other bloggers. Here it is extremely important to interact with other Facebook users instead of simply using groups to post links to your latest articles. Make sure to explain what your blogpost is about and why it might be relevant or interesting to read, answer questions and ask people for feedback. This helped me to dramatically increase my traffic and guaranteed me more than 1000 views in my first month.



With more than 17k followers (August 2017), Instagram is extremely valuable for me, as I can use both stories and captions to make my followers aware of my new blogposts. Usually, I also include the link to my latest blogpost in my bio, so everyone who visits my Instagram profile can directly access my blog. This relationship also works the other way around, as a good amount of people who visit my blog also checks out my Instagram or Facebook.



Stumbleupon is a website that lets you discover other websites based on your preferences. When you have created a profile, you can add your articles to the StumbleUpon database and the search engine will recommend your posts to people who might like them. These people can either like or dislike your content – the more likes you get, the more people will be redirected to your website. But be careful! Do not only use StumbleUpon to promote your blog - make sure to like and save other websites as well. This way, I was able to get a good amount of new visitors, at times even 30 at once!

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By now, Pinterest traffic is slowly increasing for me. You need to spend a lot of time to make Pinterest a valuable traffic source. Your focus should be on designing nice pins, pinning as much as possible (not only your own content but also other related pins) and joining some effective groups boards to boost your traffic. The key to Pinterest success is definitely consistency.


Do you have any experience with increasing traffic by using Pinterest? I am excited to listen to your strategies!


I hope that this article can help you to increase traffic to your blog and that you can hit your first 1000 visitors as soon as possible! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Do not forget to share this post with someone who needs some help with increasing blog traffic and make sure to check out my Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest!

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