How to grow your blog traffic with Facebook groups

This article is all about how to increase your blog traffic with Facebook groups. Facebook groups can easily boost your traffic and require less time and effort than other methods like SEO.

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In contrast to SEO and most other methods of generating traffic to your blog, Facebook groups are a relatively easy and convenient way of increasing your website traffic. Once you start using them correctly, you will see immediate results! At the moment, Facebook groups generate about 1000 visitors per week for my blog.

How to grow your blog traffic with facebook groups

Join Facebook groups in your niche!

First, you have to find and join Facebook groups that fit your niche. This is very important since the group members are exactly the target audience of your blog. It is not necessary or even advisable to join large groups only because your posts might vanish between other posts that get (for whatever reason) more attention. Once you joined a Facebook group that fits your niche it might be a good idea to introduce yourself and your blog to your fellow group members. Make sure to actively read the group rules to avoid any violations that could damage your relationship with the admins. In principle, you can join as many groups as you want. However, I recommend you to join a number of groups that is still manageable for you, so that you, for example, do not confuse the rules of different groups.


Be active, be supportive!

Once you joined an appropriate number of groups, there are several things you can do. As I already mentioned above, check the group rules to see what is allowed. If possible, you should consider posting a link to one of your articles every now and then. BUT, post an appropriate number of links. When you decide to post 5 of your blog posts a day, people will be annoyed and will probably stop reading your posts and you might even get kicked out of the group! How can you estimate the appropriate amount that you can post? Well, that depends on the size and the engagement of the group. If the group is large, you might post once a day, but preferably not more. When you are new to a Facebook group, you should consider posting even less, so that you do not make a negative impression. Certain Facebook groups also offer threads in which you can share your posts.


Nevertheless, it is extremely important to focus not only on sharing your own content - engagement with your target audience and other bloggers is key. The more you engage with others (by liking, commenting and sharing their posts), the more they will be interested in your content.  


Join a Facebook group on blogging & business tips!

Facebook groups do not only help you to share your content and to engage with others, there are also Facebook groups that help you with blogging tips and strategies. A successful blogger tries to continuously improve his blog and Facebook groups can be a valuable resource.


I recently created a Facebook group called “Blog & Business”. Its purpose is to give bloggers and freelancers the opportunity to exchange strategies and tips that help you to grow your online businesses successfully. Make sure to join it for daily content that will boost your blog and help you to become a successful blogger.


Blog and Business Facebook group - Grow your online business successfully with trendablaze

I hope you can use these tips to grow your blog traffic with Facebook groups. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Do not forget to join the “Blog & Business” Facebook group and make sure to share this article!


How to grow your blog traffic with Facebook groups
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