How to get many Instagram followers without following anyone

This article is about how to get many Instagram followers without following anyone and without paying any money. I hope you can increase your Instagram reach with these tips and get more followers!

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Getting a large number of followers that do not unfollow you after a while is not easy. There are of course ways in which you can artificially boost your following (e.g. buying fake followers), but this only helps you in the short run without really benefiting your Instagram presence because these followers do not care for your content and will not like and comment on your posts. I never bought and will never buy followers or likes and I recommend you to do the same.

How to get many Instagram followers without following anyone

But how can you increase your number of Instagram followers?

There are basically three ways in which you can increase your following ‘legally’ and for free. The main idea is to establish a nice feed with a good number of photos first and then follow the three steps to make people aware of your Instagram.


The first way to get many Instagram followers is to actively upload photos. This sounds straightforward, but the idea is that you upload as many photos as you can without sacrificing the quality of these photos. Furthermore, you need to add the maximum number of nicely fitting hashtags (30) whenever possible. When you upload many photos, more people can find you by searching for a certain hashtag and you have a higher chance of being featured under ‘explore’. On top of that, you can add a location and tag for example brands of the clothes you wear. This way, more people can find you and more people will follow you, as long as they like your content.


The second method of increasing your number of followers is to like as many photos in your niche as possible. To do so, simply search for a hashtag that corresponds your niche or your target group (e.g. #mensfashion) and then like photos of others. Many people check out who liked their photo, so this is a great way to direct some of them to your profile. The more photos you like per person, the higher is the chance that they either like some photos back or that they follow you. This again depends on whether you like photos of people that fit your target group and if your content quality is nice.

The final way of building a large following is to be active in the community of your niche. You need to search for people that correspond your niche and already built a relatively large following and then get involved in their communities by commenting on their photos and liking their posts. Make sure to focus on posting ‘useful’ comments that fit the photos or videos instead of only commenting things like ‘nice photo’. When other people see that you are actively participating in these communities they might check out your profile and follow you.

How to get many Instagram followers without following anyone

The most important thing is to recognize that it takes some time to build a following. But if you stick to the three suggested ways of increasing your number of Instagram followers you will probably see the first success very soon. It is also quite helpful to set yourself goals that keep you motivated on the way.


Make sure to share this article if you think it is helpful! Also check out my Instagram here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Enjoy your day and good luck with increasing your number of Instagram followers.


How to get many Instagram followers without following anyone
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