How to explode your Pinterest traffic with minimal effort

Pinterest is absolutely amazing for increasing your blog traffic and for most successful bloggers, it is the number one traffic source these days! If you are new to the blogging world, using Pinterest might seem time-consuming and you might have no clue how to boost your pageviews with it. In this guide, I will explain how to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic with minimal effort.

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How to explode your Pinterest traffic with minimal effort

Discovering Pinterest is the best thing that could happen to you!


If you are actively looking for blogging tips and you are interested in increasing your traffic, it is basically impossible not to hear about Pinterest. Pinterest is an extremely powerful visual search engine that bloggers can use to significantly grow their blog traffic. 


When I started this blog, I was quite skeptical with regard to Pinterest. Now, I wish I started pinning earlier because my blog traffic started growing exponentially only a couple of days after I started using the Pinterest strategy I will explain below. 


The best thing is, it takes literally no effort. I spend about one hour per week on Pinterest and my traffic grew times 6 in 2 weeks and it is still growing! This is an overview of the people I reached the week before writing this blog post. I love this graph and I know that you can achieve exactly the same!

Pinterest analytics, traffic growth

Let’s make sure that your Pinterest analytics will look even better!

Thousands and thousands of monthly viewers with no effort!


Regardless of whether you are a new blogger, or you are a full-time blogger: you have limited time available and you want to make the maximum out of it! 


My success story is inspired by Elna from After reading her article on how she gained 4.8k followers, I started stepping up my Pinterest game and I saw the amazing results within days! By the way, Elna has now more than 17k followers! 

Elna gained 17k Pinterest followers with Tailwind

Let’s explode your Pinterest traffic, step-by-step.

1. Join Pinterest group boards


I absolutely love group boards. Pinterest is so much more fun when you can grow together. By joining group boards, you can reach millions of Pinterest users! The board below, for example, has more than 2.5k followers and more than 350 active pinners of my niche! Isn’t that truly amazing?

Pinterest group board

To find Pinterest group boards, you can use Pingroupie. It is also a good idea to create some group boards yourself! Click below to check out and join my group board on blogging tips!

2. Let Tailwind change your life


Tailwind is the best thing that ever happened to my blog. I want to point out that this is my personal success story. Tailwind also publishes Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members, so you can take a look at the “average” growth rates if you like to! By the way, Tailwind is an official Pinterest Partner!

Tailwind smart schedule

Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool for Pinterest. It lets you schedule pins to any board you have! You can even schedule one pin to multiple boards with one click! This is possible because, with Tailwind, you can group your boards into “board lists”. Before, I had to manually pin one pin to each board. Now, this whole process takes me about 10 seconds! 

Tailwind board lists

You do not even have to think about when to post your pins! Tailwind analyzes your Pinterest profile and creates an optimal schedule tailored for your account!

Tailwind optimal schedule for your account

What I absolutely love about Tailwind is that the service is getting great new features and updates all the time. Right now, the Tailwind team is working on a smart loop feature that helps you to reshare your best pins over time! 


Tailwind made my life so much easier. I spend about one hour every week to schedule more than 500 pins! And all these pins are published when my audience is active on Pinterest! And this is all I do these days to grow my blog traffic! Isn’t that absolutely incredible? 

If you want to try it out yourself, you can schedule up to 100 pins for free – no time limit, no credit card required! Click the image below to get started! 

tailwind free trial

3. Optimize your Pinterest profile


Optimizing your Pinterest profile is very important. Your profile should be (1) visually appealing and (2) integrating optimal keywords. 

Optimized pinterest profile

To make your profile visually appealing, create board covers, upload a nice profile picture and sort your boards via drag and drop to group them by topic. 


Using keywords helps you to get found on both Pinterest and Google search. You should use keywords in your profile description, your business name, your board names, and your board descriptions. 

beautiful pinterest board covers

4. Create amazing pins!


Pinterest is a visual search engine. That means awesome images will result in more clicks. When scrolling through your newsfeed, I am sure you noticed that some pins are simply catching your attention more easily than others. To optimize your pins, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.


Always use vertical pins. I personally use the 2x3 format, but that is more or less up to you. Just make sure you are using vertical pins! 


Use bright colors. Especially red, purple and orange tones catch people’s attention and make your pins stand out!


High-quality images are visually appealing for everyone! There are many great places to get free photos, but I personally like Unsplash and Pixabay most.


Below you can find an example of a pin I posted that got a lot of clicks and repins!

Amazing Pinterest pin that generates a lot of traffic

5. Do not commit unnecessary mistakes


Many people put a lot of time and effort into their Pinterest activities but commit simple and unnecessary mistakes that keep them from being successful. I published a whole blog post on how to avoid these mistakes. In essence: (1) use vertical instead of horizontal pins on Pinterest, (2) use catching titles that hint towards relevant and interesting content, (3) use high-quality photos, (4) use optimal keywords for your pin’s title and description, (5) write and pin relevant content.

Minimal effort – incredible results!


In sum, I optimized my Pinterest profile, joined some group boards and let Tailwind do the rest! Tailwind helps me to schedule my pins at the right time and my blog traffic increases every day. 


Now, I do not have to spend time on promoting my blog posts, this whole process is automated! I can focus all my energy on doing what I love – writing my articles and improving my blog. 


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