How to enable Pinterest Rich Pins for your blog

Rich Pins are a great tool to increase your Pinterest traffic, shares, and follows. In this short guide, I will outline how to set up Rich Pins for your blog in under 5 minutes! Follow this step by step guide and use Rich Pins to grow your Pinterest impact today!

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pinterest rich pins

Pinterest is a visual search engine that is one of the most important traffic sources for many successful bloggers! With Rich Pins, you can optimize your Pinterest profile and attract more visitors to your blog! 

What are Pinterest Rich Pins?


After enabling Rich Pins on Pinterest, your pins will show more details than normal pins do! In the example below, the heading is bold, you can read the description, and see the website and date corresponding to the article.

Pinterest rich pin example

There are 4 different types of Rich Pins: 


  • Product Pins (include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy a product)
  • Recipe Pins (include ingredients, cooking times and serving sizes)
  • Article Pins (include headline, author and story description)
  • App Pins (show an install button)


Each type of Rich Pins displays some context-specific information.



Next, I will outline how to enable Pinterest Rich Pins step by step.

1. Install Yoast SEO!


Yoast SEO is a search engine optimization tool that helps you to set up Rich Pins easily!


First, activate and install the Yoast Plugin.


Second, go to settings and click on “Social”.


Then, go to “Facebook” and enable “Add Open Graph meta data”. 


That’s it for this step! 

2. Use Pinterest’s official Rich Pins Validator to validate your pins!


This part is very simple! 


First, open the Rich Pins Validator here


Then, add a link to any of your posts and click on “Validate”.

3. Wait and become successful on Pinterest!


After you entered your domain and clicked “Apply now”, you have to wait for Pinterest’s confirmation! Don’t worry, this won’t take long! 



With Rich Pins, you can now attract more people to your blog and gain plenty of Pinterest followers! Now, it is time to really step up your Pinterest game and gain some serious traffic – with minimal effort! Learn more about this in the guide below! 

I hope that this short guide on how to enable Pinterest Rich Pins was helpful for you! If you have any questions, contact me here! I can’t wait to check out your Rich Pins!

how to enable pinterest rich pins
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