How to drive traffic to your blog or website using StumbleUpon

This short article is about how to increase your blog or website traffic using StumbleUpon. You will see positive results within hours! 

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine, which is quite similar to a search engine. When first opening StumbleUpon, you need to create an account and choose several topics that are interesting to you. These topics range from Marketing to Religion, so there are definitely several interesting topics for you to discover. After entering your interests, StumbleUpon suggests websites that fit these interests. You can then upvote or downvote these suggestions, based on what you really want to see. 

But how can StumbleUpon actually drive traffic to your website?

After creating your profile, you can add websites to the StumbleUpon database. You can simply copy the link to your blog post into the corresponding field, select a general topic for the article and add several keywords. When your blog post has been added to the database, StumbleUpon will automatically suggest it to people that might like it. The more people upvote your submitted page, the more often your website will be suggested to others. When you add the right keywords and your content is interesting to the StumbleUpon users, this will increase your traffic dramatically!

Things to consider

When you start increasing your traffic with StumbleUpon, there are several things you should consider. It is very likely that using StumbleUpon will increase your bounce rate, as people that are directed to your website might immediately swipe away if they are not interested in reading your content at the moment. However, if you use the correct keywords and produce high-quality content, this problem should be quite negligible, because StumbleUpon will direct mostly interested people to your website.


Another important aspect is that you should not stumble your own blog posts excessively and exclusively. The StumbleUpon algorithms detect if you only use the website for promoting your own posts and not actually using StumbleUpon as intended and will block you from adding your website.

This quick guide will help you to boost your traffic with StumbleUpon. After adding a blog post to StumbleUpon, you should check out your Google Analytics to see the immediate results. If you have any questions, make sure to contact me. You can check out my StumbleUpon profile here. 


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