Expanding your business, regardless of the economy

When you have a small business that you run from home, then you are likely on the path to achieving your dreams. But it is important to note that staying stagnant in business is never an option. So if things are going well at the moment, you should still be looking for ways to grow, expand, and keep your business growing.

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Expanding your business, regardless of the economy

The world is changing, customers and their needs and shopping habits are changing too. So you have to make sure that you have a plan for growth, even if you’re not going to execute it immediately. Then you’ll be more likely to keep up with the times, as well as your competitors. So here are some strategies for small businesses, for focusing on change and growth for the business. Hopefully, it will allow you to take your business to the next level.

Offer New Products or Services

One way to expand your business is simply by offering more than you do already. If you have a small product range at the moment, then you could look to expand the range that you offer. Even just making different varieties of the same, can mean more growth, as long as the demand is there. Figuring out what your customers need and want can be one of the best ways to go. Look at what they are willing to pay, and then you can go from there.


This doesn’t just apply to product ranges, though. It can be all about the services that you offer. From taking a freelance writing career to the next level or something like a cleaning business, you can expand what you offer. In the latter example, you could branch out into things like laundry, as well as cleaning homes or corporate offices, for instance. When you offer more, you’ll be in more demand.

Hire Employees

It might sound a little counterproductive, as employees or freelancers need to be paid. However, having a small team around you can actually be just what you need to expand. When you aren’t the only one doing things, the business can grow quite a lot. Assistants can give you some time back, as they can deal with admin, emails, or marketing, so that you can focus on the bigger decisions for the business.


The only thing with hiring employees (rather than freelancers), is that there are some responsibilities that you will now have as you’re an employer. Looking into things like employee assistance programmes from Peninsula or other health and wellbeing benefits can mean that you attract some quality team members, and make sure that they’re taken care of when they’re working for you. Having employees is a big step, but it can be what you need to force you to take a leap.

Expand To New Territories

Of course, being able to expand your business into different states or countries is going to be dependant on the kind of business that you have. But for many businesses to grow, being able to serve other areas or even go global can be just what you need. You’ll be introducing your products or services to a whole new spectrum of people, and if they like what they see, it makes sense that your profits and demand for what you do will increase. With the internet, it makes the world a pretty small place. So there are plenty of businesses that can be taken to a more global level, especially if it is online based.

Merge with Other Businesses

If it interests you, then collaborations or working with other businesses can be a great way to broaden what you do and increase your customer base, in a simple way. If you’re a business that makes and sells products, then working on a collaboration with a business that does something similar, can be a really good idea. You’ll be exposed to their audience, and they’ll be exposed to yours, meaning growth and plenty of potential. This could all be in a collaborative form or by way of an acquisition but buying another business that can complement your own.


The bottom line is that the current state of the economy shouldn’t be the only thing that influences the decisions that you make for your business or the plans that you have for expansion. If you look to grow your business in one of these ways, then it can be a stable way to get your business to where you want it to be; bigger and better.

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