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Want to make your blog content more engaging? Interacting with your readers is one way to do this. Rather than simply encouraging people to read your content, encourage people to start a conversation around this content and make your blog a social hub for people interested in your niche. You too can get involved in the interaction, starting debates or acting as a mediator. Here are just a few ways to make your blog more interactive.

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Allow comments

Allowing people to post comments under your content is the most obvious way to encourage interaction. Some bloggers disable comments as a way of preventing spam and harmful criticism, but this can often do more harm than good. Posting comments may require users to log in to a social media account such as a Google account or a Facebook account. Alternatively, you could allow people sign with an account on your blog specifically for commenting.

Make sure to moderate these comments and don’t be afraid to voice your own opinion – many people commenting may be hoping for a response from the writer of the post.  




Set up a contact email

You can also allow readers to contact you via email. This can create a more private mode of communication. Consider using an email hosting service to keep your blog emails separate (this could also allow you to set up a separate email address for your blog). Try to find the best email hosting for small business – such email services are usually suitable for professional blogs. Make sure that your email address is easy to find on your blog.




Make use of social media

Social media is another great place to encourage interaction with your readers. By setting up social media pages for your blog and posting content to these pages, you can allow social media users to interact through comments, likes and shares. On top of sharing your blog posts on these social media platforms, you can create polls and ask your readers direct questions.




Allow readers to influence content

You can also make your blog more interactive by creating content influenced by your readers. This could include organising a poll for your readers and discussing the results. If you own a music blog, you could allow yourself to be open to submissions and suggestions on what to cover. If you own a food blog, you could get readers to send their own recipes and you could publish the best ones. If you own a gaming blog, you could get people to share pictures of their gaming setups and rate them. You could even simply dedicate a post to the best and worst comments you’ve received. Creating content around your readers can be a great way to turn your blog into less a personal project and more of a community.  

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