Building an effective team for your business

Now is the time to change the difficulty setting in your career by bringing onboard some people who can really help you out. A.k.a, it’s time for you to hire some employees! And if you’re not sure how to go about that, here’s a couple of tips for building yourself a thriving community that can always rise to the top.

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Running a business online can be hard, especially considering you’re likely to be doing it all on your own. So when it comes to refining your business operations, you can often be at a loss of what to do: you’re already trying your best, making all of the decision yourself, and you’ve only got the one head on your shoulders.

Hire Someone In It For the Long Haul


Hiring the right people for your business is something a lot of startups and big corporations alike can get wrong. If you’re always hiring on those that are using you as a stepping stone, or you’re not able to find someone with the right experience, you can cost yourself a lot of resources.


So you need people who will stick with you, put their all into the job (even if they’re inexperienced), and you need people who can take initiative. You can easily find people like these with internships and apprenticeships, but it can be even better to be able to hire someone on permanently (and this also increases your standing as a small business).


Payroll recruitment with Portfolio Payroll can be a great way to immediately source some much needed talent, and you can cut out a lengthy search for the perfect fit. As a small business, this kind of search can’t last too long, as your ability to expand often depends on having the right people in the right places as soon as possible.

Have a Social Media Manager


If you don’t, it might just be a little too hard to keep track of all your platforms! But if this seems like a waste of resources to you, hire someone you can delegate the work of updating your social media and answering all questions, comments and queries when you’re too busy to. This option is more indispensable than you think!


Yes, you’re an online business, but that doesn’t mean you alone are always going to be able to be online. And if you have someone to step in when you’re attending meetings with investors, or when you’re at business conferences that can help you to network, or simply when customer input gets too much, some real dreamwork can get done. It’s always better to work as a team when you’ve got the entire online world at your throat!


When it comes to running an online business, you might be hesitant to take on employees. But don’t let yourself make the mistake of always holding back from that possibility. You can’t do everything yourself, no matter how much of a boss you are!

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