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how to get more instagram followers


This article is about how to get many Instagram followers without following anyone and without paying any money. I hope you can increase your Instagram reach with these tips and get more followers!

how to optimize your pinterest profile


Optimizing my Pinterest profile helped to more than triple my Pinterest traffic, and this is something you can achieve too. This is a complete guide to optimizing your Pinterest profile.

What is IGTV? Instagram TV explained


In this article, I will explain Instagram TV or IGTV. How does it work and who is it for? And will IGTV replace YouTube? This complete guide will also help you to use IGTV strategically for your blog.

why you are not successful on pinterest


In this guide, I cover the most common reasons why you are not successful on Pinterest and how you can improve your profile and pins, to grow your Pinterest traffic.

Pinterest SEO - how to find optimal keywords


Keywords are very important when it comes to optimizing your Pinterest profile for SEO. Finding the right keywords, however, is difficult for many bloggers. This guide will help you to find optimal keywords for your Pinterest SEO.

instagram archive explained


In this article, I will explain how to archive posts and stories on Instagram, what happens when you archive photos and how to undo once you accidentally pressed archive.  

how to make instagram story highlight covers


This article is all about how you can easily create covers for your Instagram story highlights. This will make your feed much nicer and cleaner and can be done within 10 minutes! 

are social media replacing blogs?


In this article, I want to discuss whether social media are killing blogs. With the advent of social media, more and more people believe that blogs become completely irrelevant. Are social media completely replacing blogs in the foreseeable future?

how to enable pinterest rich pins for your blog


Rich Pins are a great tool to increase your Pinterest traffic, shares, and follows. In this short guide, I will outline how to set up Rich Pins for your blog in under 5 minutes! Follow this step by step guide and use Rich Pins to grow your Pinterest impact today!

how to make money on instagram


Do you want to know how to make money on Instagram? This is the ultimate guide to monetizing your Instagram account. Below you can find the 3 most common ways Instagram influencers make a living.

the 25 most inspirational quotes


Here you can find the 25 most inspirational quotes for your social media. At the end, I will explain how quotes can add value to your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

how to get collaborations


Since many people are interested in how to get collaborations for their blog or social media, I want to share my first experiences on working together with brands.

the best social media for bloggers


Do you want to know which social media are most beneficial for your blog and online business and how you can grow your online presence quickly and easily? This article presents the 5 most useful social media platforms to boost your website!

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