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Here you can find all the blogposts that I have writtenI want to take you with me on my journey of becoming a successful blogger. I will share all strategies that work out for me, my experiences on working together with brands as well as tips & tricks that boost your blog and social medias. If you have any questions or suggestions for new topics you can always contact me. I hope you will enjoy reading! 

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The ultimate blogging guide for 2018

This is the ultimate blogging guide to start or grow your blog in 2018. It is a collection of great articles that will help you with many blogging-related issues that you might encounter. The articles are divided based on different topics that are important for your blog.

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How to drive traffic to your blog or website using StumbleUpon

This short article is about how to increase your blog or website traffic using StumbleUpon. You will see positive results within hours! 

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How to get many Instagram followers without following anyone

This article is about how to get many Instagram followers without following anyone and without paying any money. I hope you can increase your Instagram reach with these tips and get more followers!

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How to start a successful blog

This article is all about how to start a successful blog without any coding skills. With this guide, you will be able to run an amazing blog in less than a week! What are you waiting for?

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How to grow your blog traffic with Facebook groups

Facebook groups are very important to grow your blog or website traffic. After reading this article you will dramatically benefit from these groups and your traffic will increase tremendously.

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The perfect about me page for your blog

Learn all about how to create a unique about me page that makes you stand out of the crowd! This article contains valuable tips to improve your about page in just 5 minutes!

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Blogging in English when you are not a native speaker - Important tips & tools

This article is all about blogging in English when it is not your native language. What are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging in English? Is it really worth it? And what are helpful tools that can boost your writing skills?

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Which social media to use for blogs and online businesses

Do you want to know which social media are most beneficial for your blog and online business and how you can grow your online presence quickly and easily? This article presents the 5 most useful social media platforms to boost your website!

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How to overcome motivational problems as a blogger

Blogging is not always easy, especially when you are still at the beginning of growing your online presence and I am sure you know the feeling of being overwhelmed by guidelines and rules of some self-appointed blogging experts. This article is about how you can overcome motivational problems caused by these so called “experts” and how you can enjoy blogging (again).

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How to increase traffic to your website or blog

Since my blog hit the first 1000 visitors already after two weeks, I want to elaborate on how to increase traffic to your new blog or website and share my strategies with you. These tips will help you to skyrocket your traffic!

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The 25 most inspirational quotes for your social media

Here you can find the 25 most inspirational quotes for your social media. At the end, I will explain how quotes can add value to your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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How companies try to exploit your online business

You have to be aware that companies do not want to collaborate with you because they are charitable – they want to benefit from your reach to promote their brand and to make money. This is generally not bad, as long as both parties benefit from the cooperation. In this blogpost, I want to share some negative experiences I made  and talk about how you can avoid being exploited.    

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My first affiliate program – How to get collaborations and earn money with Instagram

Since many people are interested in how to get collaborations for their blog or social media, I want to share my first experiences on working together with brands.

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What does trendablaze mean?

This blogpost is all about my username ‘trendablaze’ and my social media presence. I will talk about how I came up with the name, the meaning of trendablaze and about what I want to accomplish with my social medias. Hopefully my thoughts can even help you to come up with a username and a red thread for your social medias more easily in the future.

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Why did I start a blog?!

Many people asked me why I want to start a blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate my first blogpost to this topic and explain the different reasons for my decision.

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