Are social media killing blogs?

In this article, I want to discuss whether social media are killing blogs. With the advent of social media, more and more people believe that blogs become completely irrelevant. Are social media fully replacing blogs in the foreseeable future?

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The difference between blogs and social media


Although both blogs and social media allow people to share content, the two are very different


A blog is usually self-owned, meaning that all content is managed by the blog’s owner. Therefore, there is no competition as soon as someone enters the blog. As a consequence, there is most likely a strong community and people spend more time with the content.


Social media make it easier to grow a large following because people tend to follow dozens or even hundreds of people on these platforms. This means that there is a lot of competition for likes, comments, and shares. When you post a photo on Instagram, it is extremely likely that only a small portion of your followers will actually see it on their newsfeed.


In sum, blogs tend to create a stronger community, while social media communities are usually larger. 

are social media replacing blogs?

Are social media replacing blogs?


In the following, I want to discuss the pros and cons of the question above. 

Pro – Why social media are better than blogs


As mentioned above, social media make it significantly easier to grow a large number of followers. For bloggers, social media simplify the whole content-sharing process. Especially vlogs and stories make it easier to communicate and interact with your audience. Bloggers can also benefit from the platforms’ infrastructure, security, and advertisements. In addition, it requires fewer skills with regard to coding and marketing. 


For the audience, social media make it very convenient to follow multiple people. You can also easily interact with your favorite bloggers. From a usability point of view, social media are most often easier to handle than websites. Once people adapted to a new platform, they know exactly where and how to find your content. 


As human beings tend to be lazy, social media make it easier to consume. You can simply scroll through your newsfeed and check out all the content you love. On a website, this is much more difficult and interesting content might get less attention. 


Because people love to share amazing content, it is much easier to achieve “virality” on social media. Getting many likes and shares will make it much easier to get discovered by new people. 

Cons – Why blogs are better than social media


A blog gives you more freedom on what to publish and how to share and present content. You can share photos, text, videos and much more in whatever format you like. By making use of a website, you are also independent, and you can express yourself more freely. 


A blog is also useful to expand and demonstrate your skill set, as it requires a significant amount of creative and business skills at the same time. 


Furthermore, a blog gives you more freedom with regard to making money. On a website, you can decide yourself how to monetize your content. 


On top, there are also great ways of getting discovered. For example, you can generate a lot of traffic from Google and other search engines. 



In my opinion, there is (at the moment) no need to decide between having a blog and being active on social media. A blog gives you a huge amount of freedom while social media make it much easier to grow your community. 


So, why not use both to create synergies? 

On your blog, you can integrate content from your social media (like YouTube videos and Instagram posts), use share buttons and link your social media profiles. 


On your social media, you can share your blog posts, connect with your audience, and grow your following. 

In sum, I think that social media do not make blogs redundant. There is still a considerable and important amount of freedom that a website has to offer. However, you cannot neglect the huge benefits of social media platforms. Therefore, try to use both to create synergies that boost your online business. If you have any questions, contact me here

Are social media replacing blogs?
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